Help us preserve our community's heritage by volunteering your time or by donating materials. We have an ongoing need for many volunteers to help at the Center. If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed below, please email us at ehc@eanesisd.net.


Oversees and coordinates all actions of the EHC; presides over all EHC meetings; prepares reports; functions as a representative of the EHC when called upon by the community.

Vice President

Takes jobs on an "as needed" basis for the benefit of the EHC; assists the president; serves as a representative of the EHC Board when president is not able to be present.


Records minutes of each Board meeting; plan, document and distribute agendas for upcoming meetings of the EHC Board; handles all correspondence from the EHC to individuals or the general public; writes thank you notes for gifts of time, money, talents or materials; send acknowledgements of scheduled times for tours, appointments or visits to the EHC.


Examines expenditures and pay any bills out of operating fund; balance checkbook; record any contributions; have records prepared to turn over to the CPA for tax preparation.

Media Liaison

Prepares outlines of stories for EHC; writes press releases for the local media on special events regarding the EHC; meets with local media representing the EHC for special events; be available for interviews.

Volunteer Coordinator

Contacts new individuals who might be interested in working at the EHC; matches volunteers with jobs and explains duties related to their job; introduce volunteers, contacts volunteers regularly to see if they want to change jobs; prepares work schedule and checks to make sure assignments are being completed.

Audio Visual/Oral History Coordinator

Sets up interviews with individuals whose personal histories are important to the development of this area or whose families have been long-time residents; seek out interesting, colorful stories and characters; record and catalog for archival use; keeps archives in current formats.


Gives tours for th EHC to third grade classes and other groups who visit; provides information on the early development of the area; be familiar with the EHC artifacts and documents.

Grounds Coordinator

Makes sure cemetery grounds are kept trimmed and trails free of weeds and debris; organizes clean up days as necessary.

Photograph Coordinator

Files and categorizes photo collection; creates a computer database of photos; adds to the collection as photo become available; organizes slides and negatives.

Document Librarian

Accepts and evaluates any documents submitted to the EHC; catalogs and files documents.

Book Librarian

Accepts and evaluates books that are submitted to the reference library; catalogs and shelves books for patrons.

Artifacts Coordinator

Maintains current inventory of artifacts; catalogs artifacts; collects new artifacts for collections; sets up special exhibits.


Researches, documents, and coordinates genealogical records of early Eanes residents; creates family trees of local residents.

3rd Grade Program Coordinator

Contacts the third grade class unit leaders at each Eanes school to schedule and coordinate tours; coordinates docents for tours; updates tours to follow current curriculum.