The Eanes History Center Archival Library is part of the Eanes History Center located in the Old Rock School House on the lower campus of the Eanes Elementary School. The Library Collections contain materials that pertain to the Eanes area, past and present, and to to its environment, Austin history, Texas history, pioneer culture, and such other materials that relate to the community and to the curriculum of the Eanes Schools.

The Eanes History Center Library serves the schools of the Eanes Independent School District and the Eanes community and is planned to complement the school libraries and the Westbank Community Library. The materials of the Eanes History Center Archival Library are available for use in the History Center and can be used by anyone in the schools and the community.

The Eanes History Center houses many documents from the Eanes community. Documents are available for viewing and research at the History Center. Our collections include: Westlake Picayune Newspapers, Area Maps, Historic Photographs, Deed Records, Eanes School Yearbooks, EISD Directories, Genealogical Records, Oral Histories, Clipping Files, Neighborhood Association Records, Westlake Presbyterian Church Collection and Lost Creek Garden Club Documents.


The materials in the Eanes History Center Library are organized into collections. Some of the collections of the Eanes area historical materials have been donated to the Library by local individuals and organizations. Many of the collections have been assembled from a wide variety of sources. One of these collections is the Vertical File Collection with newspaper clippings and other documents relating to events, people, and places in the Eanes area from early times to the present.

The contents of each of these collections have been cataloged and excerpts from these lists are part of the online catalog that follows.

Archival File Collection

Professional Materials related to Library Collections and Collecting.

General Book Collection

Books related to local, regional, and state history, local school curriculum, people and events of local interest, past and present. Includes the Memorial and Gift Book Collection.

Classroom Library Book Collection

Collection of Books Used in Public School Classrooms, 1880s-1960s.

Textbook Collection

Collection of Textbooks Used in the Public Schools, 1890s-1960s.

Display Book Collection

Books of historical interest from different Collections on Display in the Artifacts and Library areas of the Eanes History Center.

Book Proofs Collection

for Eanes, Portrait of a Community written by Linda Vance with research by Linda Vance and Dorothy Depwe. 1985.

Book Research Collection

Texas Women in Their Own Time by Dee Seligman. 1989.

Card Catalog Collection

All materials in the Eanes History Center Library are listed on cards in the Card Catalog. Every entry in the Library has a Title Card, an Author Card (if needed), and a Shelf Card. Cross Reference Cards and Subject Cards are used to relate topics found in different entries.

Curriculum File Collection

Curriculum materials for Second and Third Grade Programs of the Eanes History Center. Includes Curriculum related items listed in the Vertical File Collection. Second Grade Story Telling Program, "Eanes Family Trip to Texas." Third Grade Program, "Walking Back in Time".

Depwe Collection

Materials Collected for the Local and State Observances of the U.S. Bicentennial, 1976, and the Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986.

Depwe File

Materials on Eanes Family, School, and Community, and Materials on Pioneer Life.

Depwe Research File

Research materials on Eanes school and community history for Historical Markers.

Display Picture File Collection

Framed photographs, prints, and maps from the Picture File Collection on display in the Artifacts and Library areas of the Eanes History Center.

George File Collection

Bonnie George Collection File. Reporter's notes and first drafts of articles about people and events of the Eanes area. Arranged by date of publication in the Westbank Picayune. 1981-1986.

George Picayune File Collection

Bonnie George Collection of bound copies of the Westbank Picayune, July 1, 1981, to February 12, 1986. Bound volumes. Contains published articles by Bonnie George.

George Rollingwood File

Bonnie George Collection of published articles relating to the City of Rollingwood. 1982-1985.

Lake Austin Hill Country Neighborhood Association File Collection

Records, memberships, newsletters. 1976-l989.

Locator/Index Notebooks

Lists of all entries in the Eanes History Center Library with location of all materials.

Magazine Collection

Magazines series; magazines special issues.

Map Collection
Maps of local interest: Survey maps and plats, geographic maps showing settlements, roads, schools, cemeteries, ranches, and developments of the past and present.

Newsletter Collections

Newsletters of local schools, towns, and organizations.

Newspaper Collections

Issues in series of newspapers published in the Eanes Area. Local and regional single issues and special issues.

Oral History

Audio Tapes, Video Tapes. Transcriptions.

Pamphlet File Collection

Extensions of Vertical File Folders; EISD School Directories; Telephone Directories; Special Publications.

Photograph Collection

Photographs of people, places, and events of the Eanes Area from the early history of the area to the present.

Picayune Newspaper Collection

Issues from first publication in 1976 to the present.

Picture File Collection

Pictures, Posters, Maps, Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines, Certificates, Documents.

Presbyterian Church Westlake Presbyterian Church Collection

History of the early establishment of church in Eanes area in the 1870s to the present. Records and notebooks of the Women's Organizations, 1950s-1970s.

Shelton Collection

Westbank Peninsula Development Documents, Maps, and Plats. 1930s to early 1980s.

Slide Collection

Slides of Eanes school and community history. Narration.

Special Collection

Materials of archival and historical value to the Eanes History Center.

Tapes - Audio

Collection of Tapes of interviews with Eanes area people. Transcriptions. Part of the Oral History program.

Tapes - Video

Collection of Video Tape Cassettes of Eanes area events and people.

Texas Highways Collection

Bound issues. 1980 to Present. Notebook format.

Vertical File Collection

Materials related to local, regional, and state history; local school curriculum; people and events of local interest - past and present; clippings, documents, articles, stories, and general information of local and state interest.

Westbank Community Council


Westbank School Reporter and Community News

August, 1998, to present.

Yearbook Collection

Yearbooks for all EISD Schools.