Archival File Collection

The Archival File Collection of the Eanes History Center contains some of the professional materials of the Library.

The Oral History materials in this collection are part of the Oral History Project of the EHC Library which includes audio tapes with transcriptions, video tapes, and written accounts by local people of their lives and involvement in the community.

In the Archival File Collection are the publications of the Texas State Historical Association, the Insight newsletter and the magazine The Medallion, information about the Junior Historian and the Texas Historian magazines,* as well as information about the services of the Association in preservation and conservation projects in Texas.

Other materials in the Archival file includes information on the collecting and preservation of historical documents and other materials and sources of information about the establishment and development of museums and reference libraries.

*Issues of the Junior Historian and the Texas Historian magazines dating from 1941 to the present are on file in the EHC Library.