Classroom Library Book Collection

Collection of Books Used in Public School Classrooms. 1880s-1960s

The Classroom Book Collection in the Eanes History Center Library contains books that are typical of the books that were in the classroom library of the Eanes County Rural School. The books in this collection were published between the 1880's and the 1960's.

"The Classroom Library in the Rural School" *

In the rural schools such as Eanes County School, a classroom had it's own library of books for "free reading" when, during the school day, there was a few minutes after lessons and assignments were finished to get a favorite book from the bookcase to read. Series books, such as Tom Swift and His Jetmarine (1951), or Laura Hope's books, such as the Bobbsey Twins (1940) were always popular. There were books of adventure, such as Adrift on the Ice-Pan (1909), books about animals, like (1938), and biographies, Boy's Life of Abraham Lincoln (The Yearling 1933) and history, such as Young People's History of the World for the Past 100 Years (published in 1902!)

The Eanes History Center Library has the set The Book of Knowledge--A Children's Encyclopedia in 19 volumes (1918), that was the "reference library" of the Eanes Rural School for several decades. It was not until well into the 1950's when the Eanes Elementary County School added more classrooms that a central library for the school was established.

Even today, when every school has a large central library filled with wonderful books, every classroom still has a quiet corner with a book collection where a child can fill his "free" moments with fun reading.

* Taken from the article written in the Eanes History Center for publication in the Westbank Picayune, Distinct Section, August 30, 1996.

Classroom Library Collection

Alden, Raymond: Why the Chimes Rang, and Other Stories. 1906, 1945.

Aldis, Dorothy: All Together. A Child's Treasury of Verse. nd

Aldrich, Bess: The Rim of the Prairie. 1925.

Aldrich, Janet: The Meadow-Brook Girls in the Hills. l9l4

Alger, Horatio: Helping Himself. nd

Allen, Captain Quincy: The Outdoor Chums in the Forest. 1911

American Red Cross First Aid Text Book. 1936

Appel, David: Comanche. 1951

Appleton, Victor: Tom Swift and His Jetmarine. 1951

Appleton, Victor: Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout. 1914

Barton, Mary Hollis: Three Girl Chums at Laurel Hall or The Mystery

of the School by the Lake. 1926

The Beautiful Garment and Other Stories. 1927

Bee, Clair: Freshman Quarterback. 1951

Bee, Clair: A Pass and a Prayer. 1951

Bee, Clair: Pay-Off Pitch. 1958

Bee, Clair: Touchdown Pass. 1948

Bee, Clair: Triple-Threat Trouble. 1960

Benson, Sally: Junior Miss. 1941

Bowen, Sidney: David Dawson at Casablanca. 1944

Bowen, R. Sidney: Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal - The War Adventure Series. 1943

Bowen, Sidney: Dave Dawson with the Pacific Fleet. 1942

Brown, Mrs. Mary M.: A Condensed History of Texas for Schools. 1895. Display

Buchanan, Fannie: Short Stories of American Music. 1937

Buck, Frank: On Jungle Trails. 1936

Cather, Willa: A Lost Lady. 1927

Champney, Elizabeth: Witch Winnie in Holland. 19ll

Chandler, Edna: Cowboy Sam and the Russlers. 1952

Collins, Allan: The Story of America in Pictures. 1935

Complete Library of Universal Knowledge. nd

Cooper, J. Fenmore: The Last of the Mohicans. 1898

Cooper, Mabel Lee: Favorite Stories. 1923. Display

Dixon, Franklin: The Phantom Freighter. 1947

Dixon, Franklin: The Secret Place. A Hardy Boy Mystery Story. 1946

Dixon, Franklin: The Short Wave Mystery. 1945

Dixon, Franklin: The Tower Treasure. l959

Dixon, Franklin: What Happened at Midnight. 1931

Dodge, May Mapes: Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates: A Story of a Boy in Holland.

Drago, Harry: The Snow Patrol. 1925

Drimmer, Frederich: The Animal Kingdom, the Strange and Wonderful Ways of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, and Insects. Volumes I, II, III. 1954

Eaton, Anne Thaxter: Treasure for the Taking, A Book List for Boys and Girls. 1946

Francis, Stella: Campfire Girls in the Country or The Secret Aunt Hanna Forgot. 1918

Gauss, Marianne: Book of the Woods. 1931

Grenfell, Wilfred: Adrift on an Ice-Pan. 1909

Gunnarsson, Gunnar: The Good Shepherd. 1940

Handcock, H. Irving: Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis. 19l0

Handcock, H. Irving: The Motor Boat Club at the Golden Gate or a Thrilling Capture in the Great Fog. 1909

Handcock, H. Irving: Uncle Sam's Boys in the Phillippines or Following the Flag. 19l2

Harry, Robert: Island Boy, A Story of Ancient Hawaii. 1957

Hendryx, James: Blood of the North. 1938

Heuman, Willian: The Indians of Carlisle. 1965

Hillyer, V. M.: A Child's History of the World. 1934

Hope, Laura: The Bobbsey Twins. 1940

Hope, Laura: The Bobbsey Twins at Home. 1944

Hope, Laura: The Bobbsey Twins in Rainbow Valley. 1950

Judd, Frances: The Murmuring Portrait. 1938

Judd, Frances: The Secrets at the Windmill. 1938

Kittrell, Norman: Ned, A Story of Reconstruction Days. 1907

Kohl, Grace: Your America: A Story for Americans. 1953

Lambert, Janet: Treasure Trouble. 1949

Lenski, Lois: Coal Camp Girl. 1959

Lester, Paul: The Great Galveston Disaster. In Memorial of the Galveston's Dead. 1900

Lippincott, Joseph: Wilderness Champion. 1944

Malot, Hector: The Adventures of Perrine (En Famille). 1932

Masefield, John: Jim Davis. 1932

Mee, Authur: The Book of Knowledge - A Children's Encyclopedia. 19 Volumes. 1918. This set was used in Eanes Elementary County School, 1920s-1960s.

Miers, Earl: A Blazing Star, The Founding of the Thirteen Colonies. 1970

Milne, A.A.: Three Stories from Winnie-the-Pooh. 1969

Morley, Christopher, Editor: Modern Essays. Second Series. 1925

Morris, Charles: Young People's History of the World for the Past 100 Years. 1902. Display

Nicolay, Helen: The Boy's Life of Abraham Lincoln. 1933 (1906)

Otis, James: Toby Tyler. 1938

Pryor, William: The Train Book - A Photographic Picture Book with a Story. 1933

Rachel, Byron: Elephants to Eskimos. 1966

Ralphson, G. Harvey: Boy Scouts in a Motor Boat. or Adventures on the Columbia River. nd

Ralphson, G. Harvey: Boy Scouts in the Philippines. The Key to the Treaty Box. 1911

Rawlings, Marjorie: Cross Creek. 1942

Rawlings, Marjorie: The Yearling. 1938

Richard, James: The Club Team. 1950

Rolfe, Mary: Our National Parks, Book Two. 1937

Sainsbury, Noel: Bill Bolton and Hidden Danger. 1933

Sidney, Margaret: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. 1948

Snow, Edgar: People on Our Side. 1944

Stephenson, Robert: Kidnapped. nd

Stone, Clarence: Mustang Gray. 1941

Stuart, Jesse: Mongrel Mettle. 1944

Swift, Jonathan: Gulliver's Travels. 1947

Tarkington, Booth: Seventeen. 1916

Treadwell, Louis: 1926 Annaulog, A Cumulative Reference of Scientific and Other Useful Information. From Scientific America. Vol. I. 1925

Wheelwright, Jere: Kentucky Stand. 1951

Whilhelmus, B. D.: Wishbones and Backbones - Careers for Ambitious Boys. 1936

Wiggin, Kate Douglas: The Birds' Christmas Carol. 1891. Display

Wilder, Laura Ingalls: The Long Winter. 1940

Wilder, Laura Ingalls: The Shores of Silver Lake. 1939

Winfield, Arthur: The Rover Boys on Snow Shoes. nd

Winfield, Arthur: The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes. 1901

Wood, Frances: Yippee! Cowboy. 1947

World Book Encyclopaedia. 18 Volumes. Reading and Study Guide. 1937

Young, Clarence: The Motor Boys Across the Plains. nd