General Book Collection

Books related to local, regional, and state history, local school curriculum, people and events of local interest, past and present. Includes the Memorial and Gift Book Collection.

The books in the General Book Collection fit into the topics covered by the Library - histories, biographies, pioneer life, and more. Some of the books are now out of print, some are unusual,, some are unexpected, but most are interesting.

General Book Collection

The books in the General Book Collection are primarily about Texas and local and regional history, biographies, pioneer life, wildlife, plants, ecology, folklore, early day cookbooks, and general information.

These books are arranged by subject matter on the shelves and in the vertical files where many are found. Some are on display. For the most part these books relate to our local community interests and topics covered in the Eanes History Center Library.

Last Updated 1999

Abel, Mac: Gambler with Heart - Horseshoe Bay Area. Memorial Book nd. Texas

Abernethy, Frances: Tales from the Big Thicket. 1966. Folklore

Abernethy, Frances E.: Texas Toys and Games. Publication of Texas Folklore Society. 1989. Pioneer Life

Adair, Garland: Texas Heritage, Vol.III, No.1. 1961. Texas History

The Aesop for Children. 1960 reprint (1919) Folklore

The Alamo Long Branch Museum. Daughters of the Texas Republic of Texas. 1986 (hardback) Texas History

Alderson, Nannie: A Bride Goes West. 1942. Pioneer Life

Alexander, Frances: Mother Goose on the Rio Grande. 1981. Folklore

Allen, Martha M., editor: Georgetown's Yesteryears - The People Remember. 1985. Texas Towns

Anderson, John Q.: Texas Folk Medicine. 1970. Pioneer Life

Anderson, Leone Castell: Suprise at Muddy Creek. 1983. Pioneer Life

Andrews, Jean: The Texas Bluebonnet. 1986. Plants. Gift book

Andrist, Ralph: The American Heritage History of the Making of a Nation, 1783-1860. nd United States History

Angle, Paul M.: The American Reader from Columbus to Today - Events by Year. 1958. United States History

Arbingast, Stanley A.: Atlas of Texas. 1967. Texas

Are You an American? Collection of Essays and Poems. 1945. United States History

Austin Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. 1980. Austin

Bailey, Elizabeth: A History of Leander. 1984. Texas Towns

Baldwin, Robert G.: Memoirs of a Depression Bum. 1994. Biography

Banks, James A.: Communities - Adventures in Time and Place. Third Grade Textbook. 1997. Curriculum. Display.

Barkley, Mary Star: A History of Central Texas. 1970. Texas History

Barkley, Mary Star: History of Travis County and Austin. 1983-1899. 1963. Austin

Baumgartner, Dorcas: Frontier River - Exploration and Settlement of the Colorado River. 1997. Texas History

Benhamida, Laurel: What Can I Do? A Youngster's Guide to Austin. nd Austin

Benziger, Barbara: That Old-Time Religion - l00 Hymns, Songs, and Stories. 1875. Music

Beverly, Mary: Cowbells and Coffins - The Country Store. 1987. Pioneer Life

Biesele, Megan: The Cornbread Whistle - Oral History of a Texas Timber Town. 1986. Pioneer Life

Bishop, Curt: Texas Press Messenger-Christmas in Texas. 1954. (Bound with Steen, Ralph: The Texas News). Texas History

Braden, George: Citizen's Guide to the Texas Constitution. 1972. Texas

Brett, Bill: There Ain't No Such Animal and Other East Texas Tales. 1979. Folklore

Brett, Bill: The Stolen Steers - A Tale of the Big Thicket. 1977. Texas History

Brewer, J. Mason: The Word on the Brazos. 1953. Folklore

Briggs, James H. Friend Jasper - The Chaparral Philosopher. 1944. Biography

Bright, Susan: When the Streetcars Ran. Oral History of Austin by Foster Grandparents. 1978. Austin

Brown, Dee: The Gentle Tamers Women of the Old West. 1958. Biography

Burkhalter, Lois Wood: Gideon Lincecum, 1793-1874, A Biography. 1965. Biography

Byfield, Patsy Jean: Falcon Dam and the Lost Towns of Zapata. TMM Paper No. 2. 1966.Texas Towns

Byrd, Toody: Talks and Talks and Talks. 1998. Biography

Carpenter, Liz: Ruffles and Florishes. 1971. Biography

Carrington, Evelyn: Women in Early Texas. 1994. Biography. Memorial Book

Catalog: Montgomery Ward Golden Jubilee Catalog. 1872-1922. Reproduction, 1989. Two copies. Gift. Catalog.

Catalog: The Sears Roebuck and Company. Edited by Alan Mirkin. 1927. Catalog

Catalog: The Sears Roebuck and Company. Edited by J.J. Schroeder. 1908. Catalog

Catalog: The Sears Roebuck and Company. Introduction by Cleveland Armory. 1902. Catalog

Catalog: The Sears Roebuck and Company. 100th Anniversary Edition. "America the Beautiful." 1986. Fall and Winter Edition. Catalog

Chabot, Frederick C.: San Antonio and Its Beginnings, 1691-1731.1936. Texas History

Charlton, Tom: Oral History for Texans. 1981. Copy 1. Oral History

Charter of the City of Austin. Compiled by the City Attorney, 1953. Austin

Christmas Thoughts: The Youth of America. 1938. Christmas

Cherry, Sharon: A Historical Collections of Dripping Springs and Central Texas. Volume VII. 1998. Texas History

Clifton, Robert T.: Barbs, Prongs, Points, Pricklers, and Stickers. A Complete and Illustrated Catalog of Antique Barbed Wire. 1979. Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Coffin, Tristram P.: Folklore from the Working Folk of America. Folklore

Cole, Rosa Berry: Memories of By-Gone Days. Story of Early Texas, 1836-1921. 1987. Memorial Book. Biography

Cotner, Robert: Texas Cities and the Great Depression. 1973. Texas

Crawford, Ann Fears: Lizzie, Queen of the Cattle Trail. 1990. Gift Book. Texas History

Creighton, James A.: A Narrative History of Brazoria County. 1975. Texas

Cromwell, Arthur, Jr.: The Black Frontier. 1970. Texas History

Crowell, Evelyn M.: Men of Achievement, Texas Edition. 1948. Special Collection

Crowell, Evelyn M.: Texas Childhood. 1941. Biography

Daughters of the Republic of Texas: A Pinch of This and a Handful of That Cookbook. 1988. Memorial Book. Cookbook

Davis, William B.: The Mammals of Texas. 1978. Texas

The Defender. Travis County Rural Schools. 1936. Travis County Schools. Display

Depwe, Dorothy: Eanes - History of the School and Community.1976. Display.

Depwe, Dorothy: Reflections of a Proud Heritage. 1986. Display

Dillow, Louise: Mrs. Blackwell's Heart-of-Texas Cookbook - A Tasty Memoir of the Depression. 1980. Cookbook

Dobie, Bertha McKee: Growing up in Texas - Recollections of Childhood.1972.TexasHistory

Dobie, J. Frank: On the Open Range, 1951. Display. Texas

Dobie, J. Frank: Rattlesnakes, 1965. Texas

Dobie, J. Frank: Tales of Old Time, Texas. 1928, 1990. Texas

Erickson, John R.: Panhandle Cowboy. 1980. Pioneer Life

Famous Trees of Texas. 2nd Edition. 1971. Texas Forest Service. Plants

Faulk, John Henry: The Uncensored John Henry Faulk. 1985. Biography

Ferris, Robert G.: Prospector, Cowhand, and Sod Buster, 1967. Texas History

Fields, F.T.: Texas Sketchbook : A Collection of Historical Stories from the Humble Way. E.M. Schiwetz, Artist. 1955. Texas History

Flachmeier, Jeanette: Ohs and Ahs of Austinites. 1976. Austin

Flachmeier, Jeanette: Pioneer Austin Notables. 1975. Biography

Flachmeier, Jeanette: Puzzlegrams. 1978. Austin

Flynn, Robert: When I Was Just Your Age, A Remarkable Reflection on Growing Up in Another Era. Oral History.1992. Texas History

Fodor's Texas. Fodor's Travel Guide. 1987. Texas

Foley, Daniel: The Christmas Tree - An Evergreen Garland Filled with History. l960. Christmas

Fox, H.B.: The 2000 Mile Turtle. From Editor Harold Smith's Journal. 1975. Biography

Franklin, Penelope: Private Pages, Diaries of American Women. 1830's-1970's. 1986. Memorial Book. Texas Biography

Fritz, Jean: Make Way for Sam Houston. 1986. Texas Biography

Fun and Games of Long Ago. A Long Ago Book. 1988. Pioneer Life

Gambrell, Herbert: A Pictorial History of Texas. 1960. Texas History

Gardeners Catalog. The Most Important Gardening Tool Since the Watering Can. Pioneer Methods of Gardening. 1974. Catalog

Gardner, William H.: The Texas Citizen. A Guide to Active Citizenship in the Lone State. 1955. Texas History

George, Gerald: Starting Right, A Basic Guide to Museum Planning, 1986. Museum

Gibson, Fred: Old Yeller. 1956. Pioneer Life

Gillespie, Paul F.: Foxfire Book 7. 1982. Autographed Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Gipson, Fred: The Home Place. 1950. Pioneer Life Girl Scout Handbook. Pioneer Crafts. 1958. Pioneer Life

Glover, Jack. Bobbed Wire. An Illustrated Guide to the Identification and Classification of Bobbed Wire. 1966. Pioneer Life

Goeth, Ottilie F.: Memoirs of a Texas Grandmother, Grossmutter Eraehlt, 1805-1915. 1982. Memorial Book. Biography

Gonzales, Richarad J.: What Oil Means to Texas. 1950. Texas

Governor's Mansion of Texas. Friends of Governor's Mansion, Austin. 1985. Texas

Gregory, Jack: Sam Houston with the Cherokees, 1829-1833. 1969. Biography

Grove Drug, A History in Pictures. A Texas Sesquicentennnial Project dedicated to the Pharmacists of Texas. Compiled by the Capital Area Pharmaceutical Association. 1986. Austin

Haak, Ruth A.: Cemeteries of West Travis County. 1977. (spiral bound). Travis County Cemeteries

Haak, Ruth A.: Studying Life in West Travis County through Its Cemeteries. 1977. (spiral bound). Travis County Cemeteries

Hafertepe, Kenneth: Abner Cook, Master Builder on the Texas Frontier. 1992. Biography

Hart, Katherine: Alphonse in Austin - Official Letters of the French Foreign Ministry Alphonse Dubois de Saligny. 1967. Memorial Book. Biography

Hart, Katherine: Austin and Travis County. A Pictorial History, 1839-1939. Austin Travis County Collection, Austin Public Library. Waterloo Book. 1975. Memorial Book. Austin

Hart, Katherine: Pease Porridge Hot. Recipes of the Pease Family. 1967. Texas History

Hawkins, Lel Purcell: A Texas Pioneer Teacher, Mrs. Rebecca K. Stuart Red. 1996. Biography

Heacock, Richard: Letters from R.H. 1984. Biography

Hein, Peg: More Tastes and Tales. A New Collection of Texas Recipes. From Texas With Love. 1987. Cookbook

Henry, O.: Christmas Stories. 1954. Christmas

Hines, Pauline: Newton County Nuggets, A Collection of Stories by Newton County Folk - A Texas Sesquicentennial Edition. 1983. Texas History

Hirsh, Stephanie: Communities. Land Mark Edition. Third Grade Textbook. 1988. Curriculum

Hogan, William: The Texas Republic. A Social and Economic History. 1969. Texas History

Holley, Mary: Mary Austin Holley. The Texas Diary. 1835-1838. Biography

Holling, Holling C.: The Book of Cowboys. 1962. Pioneer Life

Hottes, Alfred: Garden Facts and Fancies. 1949. Plants

House, Boyce: As I Was Saying - Stories About Texas. 1957. Texas

House, Boyce: I Give You Texas - 500 Jokes of the Lone Star State. 1943. Texas

Houston, Andrew J.: Texas Independence - 1938. Texas History

Humphrey, David: Austin, An Illustrated History. 1985. Austin

Hunter, Irene: Simple Folk Instruments to Make and Play. 1977. Music

Hylton, W. R.: The Rodale Herb Book. 1974. Plants

Irwin, Howard: Roadside Flowers of Texas. Paintings by Mary Motz Wills. 1975. Gift. Plants

Jarvis, D.J.: Folk Medicine - A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health. 1960. Folklore

Jennings, N.A.: A Texas Ranger. 1959 reprint. (1899). Biography

Johnson, Bill: Wimberly, History and Legends. It's Deep in the Heart of Texans. 1992. Pioneer Life

Johnson, Jerry M.: Country Wisdon, An Almanac of the Weather. 1974. Folklore

Johnson, Lady Bird: Texas - A Roadside View. 1980. Texas

Johnson, Lady Bird: A White House Diary. 1970. Biography

Johnson, Mrs. Mary Mowinckle: Oak Hill-Cedar Valley Pioneers. 1956. Pioneer Life

Jordan, Gilbert: Yesterday in the Texas Hill Country. 1979. Texas History

Jordan, Terry: German Seed in Texas Soil - Immigrant Farmer in Nineteenth Century Texas. 1966. Texas History

Jordan, Terry: Texas Graveyards - A Cultural Legacy. 1982. Texas History

Jordan, Terry: Texas Log Buildings - A Folk Architecture. 1978. Pioneer Life

Jorgenson, E.L.: Great Songs of the Church. 1930. Music

Kalman, Bobby: Home Crafts of Historic Communities. 1993. Pioneer Life

Kane, Harnett T.: The Golden Coast. 1959. Texas History

Kent, Rosemary: The Texas Handbook, Rounded Up. 1981. Texas

Kibbe, Pauline R.: Latin Americans in Texas. 1946. Texas

King, Irene Marschall: John O. Meuseback, German Colonizer in Texas. 1967. Memorial Book. Biography

Klipple, Georgia Earnest: Gone to Texas - G.T.T. Poetry of the Lone Star State. 1944. Memorial Book. Texas

Knape, Gerald: Wilbarger Creek, 1933. Texas History

Kowert, Elsie: Old Home and Buildings of Fredricksburg. 1977. Gift Book. Texas History

Kubiak, Dan: Ten Tall Texans - Biographical Sketches. 1967. Biography

Lamort, Mary: The Impossible Tree. 1972. Biography

Landers, Ruthabel: Treasured Moments - A Collection of Short Stories and Poems. 1977. Gift Book. Texas

Langham, Barbara: The Pecan Tree, A True Friend. 1994. Plants

Lasher, Patricia: Texas Women - Interviews and Images. 1981. Memorial Book. Biography

Ledbetter, Fran: Range Across Texas. 1986. Biography

Levine, Ellen: The Tree That Would Not Die. Treaty Oak, Austin, Texas. 1995. Plants

Lincedum, Jerry: Science on the Texas Frontier. Observations of Dr. Gideon Lincedum. 1997. Texas History

Linton, Calvin: The Bicentennial Almanac. 1776-1976. Two Hundred Years of America. 1975. Oversize. United States History

LittleDog, Pat: Border Healing Woman, The Story of Jewel Babb. 1994. Biography

Long, Walter E.: Flood to Faucet - The Colorado River of Texas and Its Development. 1956. Texas History

Long, Walter E.: Old Sayings. 1964. Folk Speech

Loredo, Elizabeth: The Jump Rope Book. 1996. Pioneer Life

Lyda, Lucile C.: Looking Back with a Smile. Living in Austin in the 1940's and 50's. 1985. Gift Book. Biography

Lynch, Brother Daniel: Native and Naturalized Woody Plants of Austin and the Hill Country. 1981. Plants

Magley, Beverly: Texas Wildflowers. A Beginner's Field Guide to the State's Most Common Flowers. 1993. Plants

Maguire, Jack: Talk of Texas. 1973. Texas

Maguire, Jack: Texas - Tall Texas Tales With a Difference - Amazing But True. 1984. Texas History

Marks, Paula Mitchell: Hands on the Spindle, Texas Women and Home Textile Production. 1822-1880. 1996. Texas History

Marshall, Bruce: Uniforms of the Republic of Texas and The Men Who Wore Them. 1999. Autographed. Texas History

McBee, Sue B.: Austin, The Past Still Present. 1975. Gift Book. Austin History

McCracken, Derwood: Mother Nature's Recipe Book. 1975. Gift Book. Plants

Meuninck, Jim: The Basic Essentials of Edible Plants and Useful Herbs. 1988. Plants

Mitchell, O.O., Text; Jack Patton, Cartoons. Texas History Movies. 1963 (1926). Texas History

Morse, Jim: The Dell Book of Great American Folk Songs. 1963. Music

Mortimer, John L.: Song of the Pedernales. Novel of Reconstruction Texas. 1976. Texas History

Mott, Carolyn: The Children's Book on How to Use Books and Libraries. 1948 (1937). Display

Mullins, Alma J.: Melanie Rose. A Story of Growing Up in Early Texas. 1980. Texas History

Myers, Lois E.: Letters by Lamplight. A Woman's View of Everyday life in South Texas, 1882-1883. 1998. Biography

Nail, Frances: Crow in the House, Wolf at the Door. 1995. Texas

Navarro, Jose Antonio: Jose Antonio Navarro, Biography, Written by an Old Texan. 1976. Biography

Nearing, Helen: The Maple Sugar Book - Pioneering Ways of Living in the Twentieth Century. 1970. Pioneer Life

Nevin, David: The Texans, What They Are and Why. 1968. Texas

Newcomb, W.W.: The Indians of Texas from Prehistoric to Modern Times. 1969. Texas History

Nickey, Louise K.: Cookery of the Prairie Homesteader. 1976. Cookbook

O'Bryan, Suzanne: Sauntring. One Woman's Life in the Country. Journal of Ranch Life in West Texas. 1998. Biography

O'Donnel, Lucile: Memories - Pioneer Life in Texas, 1880-1920. Written as a Weekly Column in the Burnet Bulletin, Burnet,Texas. 1987. (photocopy, spiral bound). Biography

O'Donnell, Mable: Singing Wheels. Living on the Frontier. 1947. (photocopy, spiral bound) Pioneer Life

O'Neal, Bill: Cattle vs. Sheepherders. 1989. Texas History

Orton, Robert: The Climate of Texas and the Adjacent Gulf Waters. 1964. Texas

Owens, Mulkey: Markers - Travis County Historical Marker Survey of Texts of Markers with Map. 1979-1980 (notebook format). Markers

Owens, Mulkey: Texts of Historical Markers of Travis County. 1979-1980. Copy 1 (photocopy spiral bound). Markers

Owens, Mulkey: Travis County in Stone, Bronze, and Aluminum. 1971. Markers

Owens, William A.: A Season of Weathering, The Autobiography of a Texas Country Boy. 1973. Biography

Owens, William A.: Texas Folk Songs. 1950. Memorial Book. Music

Page, Linda: Aunt Arie, A Foxfire Portrait. 1983. Biography

Pauler, Loretta: St. Mary's Mother of Schulenberg Parish, High Hill, Texas. 1994. Gift Book. Texas History

Payne, Viola M.: Scurry County Style - Stories from Below the Cap Rock and Beyond. 1967. Texas History

Perkins, Jimmy and Elaine: Cemeteries of the Western Hill Country of Travis County. 1991. Gift Books. Copy 1 (spiral bound). Travis County Cemeteries

Peterson, Roger Tory: A FieldGuide to the birds of Texas and Adjacent States. 1963. Texas Wildlife

Pickle, J.J.: Postmasters and Post Offices of the 10th Congressional District of Texas. 1976. Gift Book. Texas

Phillips, Shine: Big Spring, The Casual Biography of a Prairie Town. 1942. Texas Towns

Pipkin, Turk, editor: Barton Springs Eternal, The Soul of the City. 1993. Memorial Book. Austin

Porterfield, Bill: The Loose Herd of Texans. 1978. Texas History

Pryor, Cactus: Inside Texas. 1982. Texas

Purcell, Mabelle: This Is Texas. 1977. Biography

Ragsdale, Crystal S.: The Golden Free Land, The Reminiscences and Letters of Women on an American Frontier. 1976. Memorial Book. Biography

Reynolds, George: Foxfire Book 10. 1993. Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Reynolds, Robert. Texas. Photographs of Texas. 1973. Oversize. Texas

Rifkind, Carol: Main Street, The Face of Urban America. A Description with Photographs of Communities of the Late 1800s and the Early 1900s. 1977. Oversize. United States History

Riquier, Aline: The Cotton in Your T-Shirt. 1995. Plants

Robinson, Dorothy R.: The Bell Rings at Four - A Black Teacher's Chronicle of Change. 1974. Biography

Rogers, Lisa Waller: A Texas Sampler. Historic Recolleactions. 1998. Biography

Ruff, Ann: Unsung Heroes of Texas. Stories of Courage and Honor from Texas History and Legend. 1985. Biography

Ruggles, William B. Trails of Texas - Poems. 1972. Texas History

Sargent, Ben: Texas Statehouse Blues - Editorial Cartoons. 1980. Texas

Saselk, M.: This Is Texas - Stories and Pictures of Places in Texas. 1967. Texas

Scarbrough, Clara Stearns: Land of Good Water - Takachue Pouetsu - A Williamson County, Texas, History. Map. 1973. Texas Town

Schawe, Williedell: Wimberley's Legacy. 1967. Pioneer Life

Schnacke, Dick: American Folk Toys. 85 Folk Toys and How to Make Ghem. 1973. Pioneer Life

Scully, Michael. This Is Texas - A Photographic Tour of the Greatest State. 1936. Special Collection

Seals, Ellen: A Legend Collection - Fact and Fancy Tales about Us, Our Ancestors, Coming to Texas, and What Happened Afterwards. 1981. Biography

Second Grade Story Telling Curriculum, EHC Pilot Program, 1990. "Trip to Texas." (notebook format). Curriculum

Seligman, Claudia Dee: Texas Women, Legends in Their Own Time. 1989. Biography

Shelton, Emmett, Sr.: My Austin, Remembering the Teens and Twenties. 1994. Gift Book. Biography

Shettles, Elijah L.: Recollections of a Long Life. An Itinerant Minister in Early Day Texas. 1973. Biography

Silverhorne, Elizabeth: Plantation Life in Texas. 1986. Texas History

Simons, P. W.: The Inanimate Land - Poems of the Hill Country. 1960. Pioneer Life

Sinclair, Dorothy: Tales of the Texians. A Living Texas History. Teacher's Manual. 1985. Pioneer Life

Sitton, Thad: Bringing History Home - Classroom Projects for theTexas Sesquicentennial. 1986. (spiral bound). Texas History

Sitton, Thad: Ringing the Children In - Texas Country Schools. 1987. Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Sitton, Thad: The Loblolly Book. 1983. Pioneer Life

Sitton, Thad: The Loblolly Book, Vol. 1. 1983. Copy 1, Copy 2. Memorial Books. Pioneer Life

Sitton, Thad: The Loblolly Book, Vol. 2. 1986. Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Skinner, Constance: Pioneers of the Old Southwest. A Chronicle of the Dark and Bloody Ground. (Colonial History.) 1919. Display. Pioneer Life

Sloane, Eric: Diary of an Early American Boy, Noah Blake, 1805. 1962. Pioneer Life

Sloan, Eric: Don't - A Little Book of Early American Gentility. 1968. Pioneer Life

Smithsonian Institute:1986 Festival of American Folklife and Program Book. 1986. Folklife

Smithwick, Noah: The Evolution of a State or Recollection of Old Texas Days. 1983. Biography

Snow, Dorthea J.: Mother Goose - The Complete Book of Nursery Rhymes. 1941. Folklore

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXXVI, No. 3, January, 1973. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXXVI, No. 4, April, 1973. Index. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXXVII, No. 3, January, 1974. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 3, January, 1975. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXXIX, No. 2, October, 1975. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXXIX, No. 4, April, 1976. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXXXX, No. 2, October, 1976. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XC, No. 1, July, 1986. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XC, No. 3, January, 1987. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XC, No. 4, April, 1987. Index 1986-1987. Table of Contents. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XCI, No. 1, July, 1987. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XCI, No. 2, October, 1987. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XCI, No. 3, January. 1988. Texas History

Southwestern Historical Quarterly: Index. 1987-1988. Vol. XCI, No. 4, April, 1988. Texas History

Sowell, A. J.: A Life of Big Foot Wallace. 1899, 1957. Biography

Stanush, Barbara Evans: Texans, A Story of Texas Cultures for Young People. 1988. Texas Cultures

Steen, Ralph: The Texas News. A Miscellany of Texas History in Newspaper Style. Special Chistmas Supplement by Curtis Bishop. 1955. Texas History

Stirn, Carl P.: Turn-of-the-Century Dolls, Toys, and Gemes. The Complete Illustrated by Carl P. Stirn Catalog from 1893. 1990. Pioneer Life

Stillwell, Hallie Crawford: I'll Gather My Geese. 1989. Biography

Stovall, Frances: Clear Springs and Limestone Ledges - A History of San Marcos and Hays County for the Texas Sesquicentennial. 1986. Memorial Book. Texas

Strom, Ann Miller: Kyle, The Prairie City - A History of Kyle, Texas. 1880-1980. 1981. Texas Towns

Studley, Vance: The Woodworker's Book of Wooden Toys. 1980. Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Syatt, Dick: Country Talk - A Complete Book of Localisms, Bright Regional

Remarks and Baldfaced Insults. 1980. Folk Speech

Syatt, Dick: Like We Say Back Home. 1987. Folk Speech

Syers, Ed: Off the Beaten Trail - Stories and Places in Texas. 1971. Texas

Taft, Harold: Texas Weather. 1975. Texas

Taylor, Bride N.: Elizabeth Ney, Sculptor. 1938. Biography

Texana I - The Frontier. Proceedings of Humanities Forum, 1980. Kirsten Mullen and Candace Volz. (spiral bound). Texas History

Texana II - Cultural Heritage of the Plantation South. Jefferson, Texas. Candace Volz and Kirsten Mullen. 1981. (spiral bound). Texas History

Texana. Vol. IX, No. 2, 3, 4 (Index), 1971; Vol. X, No. 1, 2, 3, 1972; Vol XI, No. 3, 4 (Index), 1973. Texas History

Texas Almanac for 1857 with Statistics, Historical, and Biographical Sketches of Texas. 1986. Facsimile. Gift. Texas

Texas Almanacs. 1969. 1975 -1987 (20 vols.) Texas

Texas and the American Revolution. Institute of Texas Cultures. 1975. Texas History

Texas History Movies: A Cartoon History of the Lone Star State, Sesquicentennial Edition. 1986. Texas History

Texas Travel Handbook. 1968. Texas

Time-Life Book Editors: This Fabulous Country - America. 1920-1930. Volume III. 1974. Oversize. United States History

Tinkle, Lon: The Alamo, Thirteen Days to Glory. 1958. Texas History

Tomlinson Lone Star Book of Texas Records. 1976. Texas

Topperwein, Fritz: Charcoal and Charcoal Burners. 1950. Display. Pioneer Life

Tull, Delanna: A Practical Guide to Edible and Useful Plants. 1987. Memorial Book. Plants

Tunis, Edwin: Indians. 1959. Texas History

Twist, Ananias: Snide Lights on Texas History. 1939. Texas History

Tyler, Ron: The Slave Narratives of Texas. 1997. Texas History

Tyler, Roy, editor: Views of Texas, 1852-1856. Watercolors by Sarah Ann Handinge Together with a Journal of Her Departure from Texas. 1988. Texas History

Utley, Dan K.: Reflections of a Riverbend - Historical Investigations Along the Colorado River in Southwestern Burnet County, Texas. 1994. Memorial Book. Texas History

Vance, Linda: Eanes, Portrait of a Community. 1986. Display. Eanes Area History

Wade, David: The First Texas Cook Book. A Thorough Treatise on the Art of Cookery, 1986 (reprint) 1883. Cookbook

Walker, Barbara M.: The Little House Cookbook, Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories. 1979. Cookbook

Walking Back in Time: Old Rock Schoolhouse Curriculum for Third Grade. Developed by E.I.S.D. Teachers and Staff, and Eanes History Center Board. 1988. (notebook format). Curriculum

Walther, Judy: Identification of Woody Plants in the Wild Basin. 1981. Plants

Walton, W.M.: Life and Adventures of Ben Thompson, A Famous Texan. 1884, 1956. Biography

Ward, Don: Cowboys and Cattle Country. 1961. Texas

Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language. 1960 edition. Texas

White, C.C.: No Quittin' Sense. 1969. Biography

White House Cookbook. nd Special Collection

Wiggin, Kate: The Birds Christmas Carol. 1891. Display. Biography

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book. 1972. Pioneer Life

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book 2. 1973. Pioneer Life

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book 3. 1975. Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book 4. 1977. Pioneer Life

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book 5. 1979. Pioneer Life

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book 6. 1980. Autographed, Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book 8. 1983. Autographed, Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Wigginton, Eliot: Foxfire Book 9. 1986. Memorial Book. Pioneer Life

Will, Frederic: From a Year in Greece. John Guerin, Artist. 1967. Biography

Williams, Ruth Ann: Proudley She Serves, 1876- 1986. History of Pease School. 1976. Austin

Willoughby, Larry: Texas Rhythm, Texas Rhyme. A Pictorial History of Texas Music. 1984. Music

Winkler, E. W.: Manuscript Letters and Documents of Early Texas in Facsimile Folio Collection of Original Documents, 1921-1845. Designed by Don Irwin. 1936. Special Collection

Wood, Jane R.: The Train to Estelline. Teaching in Early Day Texas. 1987. Texas History

Wooster, Ralph A.: Texas Vistas - Selections from the Southwestern Quarterly. 1988. Texas History

Wooten, Mattie: Women Tell the Story of the Southwest. 1940. Biography

Wright, Louis: Everyday Life on the American Frontier. 1968. Pioneer Life

Writer's Round Table: Padre Island. 1950. Texas

Zelade, Richard: Austin - The Complete Guide to Texas' Capital City. 1984. Austin

Zelade, Richard: Hill Country - Discovering the Secrets of the Hill Country. 1983. Texas

Zeplin, Zeno: Great Texas Christmas Legends. An Official Texas Sesquicentennial Commemorative. 1985. Christmas

Zeplin, Zeno: Secrets of Silver Valley. An Official Texas Sesquicentennial Commemorative. 1985. Biography

Zlatkovich, Charles: Texas Metropolitan Area Profiles. 1979. Texas

Display Book Collection

Barker, Eugene: A School History of Texas. 1928. Display. Textbook Collection

Brown, Mrs. Mary: A Condensed History of Texas for Schools. 1895. Display. Textbook Collection

Brown, Thomas: The Winston Simplified Dictionary for Schools. 1937. (Displayed on Student Desk.) Display. Textbook Collection

Cooper, Mable: Favorite Stories. 1923. Display. Classroom Collection

The Defender. Travis County Rural Schools. 1936. Original Copy. Display. General Book Collection

Depwe, Dorothy: Eanes, A History of a School and a Community. 1986. Display. General Book Collection

Depwe, Dorothy: Reflections of a Proud Heritage. nd. Display. General Book Collection

Dobie J.Frank: On the Open Range. 1951. Display. Classroom Collection

Gray, Clarence: The Workday Readers. A Basic Text in Reading for the Fourth Grade. Display. Textbook Collection

Hanthorn, Alice: Billy Boy on the Farm. 1929. Display Textbook Collection

Irish, Marie: Good Things for Washington and Lincoln Birthdays. Circa 1920s. Display. Special Collection

McCallum, A.N.: The New Century Spelling Book. 1908. Copy 1. Display Textbook Collection

McSpadden, Walter: Texas, A Romantic Story for Young People. 1927. Display. Textbook Collection

Morris, Charles: Young People's History of the World for the Past 100 Years. 1902. Display. Classroom Collection

Mott, Carolyn: The Children's Book on How to Use Books and Libraries. 1948. (Displayed on File Cabinet 3.) Display. General Book Collection

Our Presidents. (booklet) nd. Display. Special Collection

The New Texas Reader, Designed and Dedicated to the Children of Texas. 1864, 1962. (Displayed on File Cabinet 3.) Display. Textbook Collection

Skinner, Constance. Pioneers of the Old Southwest. (Colonial History). Display. General Book Collection

Topperwein, Fritz: Charcoal and Charcoal Burners. 1950. Display. General Book Collection

Vance, Linda: Eanes, Portrait of a Community. 1986. Display. General Book Collection

Webster, Noah: The Elementary Spelling Book. The National Standard, An Improvement on the American Spelling Book. "Blue-Back Speller." 1908. (Original in Display Cabinet 1. Facsimile Copy displayed on File Cabinet 3.) Display. Textbook Collection

White, E.E.: A New Elementary Artihmetic. 1883. Display. Textbook Collection

Wiggin, Kate: The Birds Christmas Carol. 1891. Biography. Display. General Book Collection

Books in the Vertical File

Alamo - Long Barrack Museum. nd (soft back issue) Texas History

All Around the Canyon. Annalee Burns. 1970. Texas History

Austin in a Nutshell. 1942. (booklet). Austin

Audubon Nature Trail. Plants: Native

Big Bend Country. McCarty. 1968. Texas

A Burnt-Rock Midden Site in Travis County. By H.F Sturgis. 1956. (photocopy) Archaeology

Charcoal and Charcoal Burners. Topperwein. 1950. Pioneer Life

Charter of the City of Austin. Compiled by the Austin City Attorney, 1953. Austin

Chuck Wagon Lore - Camp Cookin' and Recipes. Cookbook. Gomez. (photocopy) 1991. Pioneer Life

Cisneros, Jose: Faces of the Borderlands. Twenty-one Drawings with Text by the Author. 1977.

Cisneros, Jose: Riders of the Border. A Selection of Thirty Drawings with Text by the Artist. 1971

Citizens Guide to Austin and Travis County. 1978. Travis County

Coblentz, Catherine: Ah-yo-ka, Daughter of Sequoya. Development of a Written Language.1963. Indians

Cross Timbers. Folklore and Local History from Denton Area. Martin. 1976. Folklore

The Defender, Eanes County Public School, 1936. Copy 2. (unbound photocopy). Eanes School History

Doughty, Robin: The Mockingbird. 1988. Wildlife

Duncan, John: Manners and Morals of Long Ago. A Long Ago Book. 1933. Pioneer Life

Eanes, History of the School and Community. Dorothy Depwe. 1976. Copy 2. (photocopy). Eanes Area History

Elliott, Doug: Crawdads, Doodlebugs, and Creasy Greens - Song, Stories, and Lore Celebrating the Natural World. 1955. Music

Erbsen, Wayne: Front Porch Old-Time songs. 48 Great Sing-Along Favorites. 1993. Music

Flint Flaking. J.M. Morris. Indians. 1973. (photocopy)

Fort Worth in the Civil War. Farber. nd Texas Towns

Gittinger, Ted: Conversations with Elroy. A Sharecropper's Memoir. 1999. Pioneer Farm

Gonzales, Richard: What Oil Means to Texas. 1950. Texas

Greenwood, Alex H.: Mister Greenwood Who Fished. The Personal Memoirs of Alex H. Greenwood, Sr. 1872-1956. 1969. Living in Texas

Growing Up in Texas. Who? When? Where? Vera Spellman Abby. 1985. Texas

Heart of Texas Cookbook. Louise Dillo. 1980. Pioneer Life

Heating with Wood. Larry Gay. 1974. Pioneer Life

Historic Austin - A Collection of Walking/Driving Tours. A Key to Austin's Architectural History. Greenhill. 1981. Austin

Holiday Goodies and How to Make Them. Beilenson. 1952. Pioneer Life

Indian Years and Archaeology. Robert Mallouf. 1983. Indians

Jenkins, John H. The General's Tight Pants. Edward Warren's Texas Tour, 1836. 1976. Texas History

Josefina Story Quilt. Eleanor Coerr. 1986. Pioneer Life

Kavanagh, James: Texas Trees and Wildflowers. Plant Guide. 1998. Plants

L.C.R.A. Opens a Window to Prehistoric Times on the Colorado River. John M. Motter. 1988. Archeology

Legacy in Pieces - Your Land and the Texas Past. Robert Mallouf. 1983. Archaeology

Life in a Log Cabin on the Texas Frontier. Helen Moss. 1983. Pioneer Life

Lines, Lyrics `n' Lies by Songwriter, Poet, and Storyteller. Frank Hill. 1991. Folklore

Museum of Early American Tools. Eric Sloan. 1964. (photocopy) Pioneer Life

Nineteenth Century Austin. Katherine Hart. 1970. Austin History

Nixon, Joan Lowery: Orphan Train Children - Lucy's Wish. 1999. Texas History

Nixon, Joan Lowery: Orphan Train Children - Will's Choice. 1999 Texas History

Old Buildings, New Buildings. Austin History. Kathleen Chandler. 1977 Austin

Old-Fashioned Applique Quilt Designs. Susan Johnston. 1985. Pioneer Life

Outdoor Recreation on Goverment Lands in Texas, An Analysis. David Reed and Leslie Reid. 1967. Texas: Parks

Pause for Nostalgia - Memoirs of the 1920s and 1930s. Texas: Growing Up in Texas

Pioneer Living in the Early Days. Pioneer Life

Pioneer Workshop. Judy Cole and Mary Minturn. 1975. Pioneer Life

Point/Counterpoint. nd Texas Travel

Proverbs in Pictures. Our Version of an Antique. 1981. Folk Speech

Quilts and Quilt Making Priner. Beverly Orbello. 1980. Pioneer Life

Reflections of a Proud Heritage. Dorothy Depwe. 1986. Copy 2. (photocopy) Eanes Area History

Remnants of a Republic. Experiencing Through Texas History. Spurgin. 1986. Texas History

The Republic - History of the Texas Flag. Texas: Symbol

The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America. Part I -History and Quilt Patches. Rose Kretsinger. 1935. (photocopy). Pioneer Life

Sesquicentennial Celebrations - Bringing History Home. Thad Sitton. 1986. Texas History

Sturbridge in America. Bicentennial Publication. 1986. Pioneer Life

Seven Silver Spoons Cookbook. Temmermanns Seven. 1983. Pioneer Life

Texas' First Ladies Historical Costume Collection. Velda Newcomer. Clothing

Texas, A Musical Romance of Panhandle History - Palo DuroCanyon State Park.

Paul Green. 1973. Pictures by G. Harvey. Texas: Parks

Texas History Movies. 1956. Texas History

Tribbet, A. R.: Guide to Points of Geologic Interest in Austin. Guidebook Number 16, 1983. Includes "Geologic Map of the Austin Area, Texas." Reprinted, 1980.

Tour of Old Sturbridge Village. Chamberlain. 1955. Pioneer Life

Treasure Tempest in Texas. Jerry Sadler. Texas History

Walking Back in Time. Eanes History Center Third Grade Manual. (unbound photocopy). 1987. Eanes History Center

Weems, John: Austin, 1839 - 1989. Austin History

Wildflowers of Texas. Betsy Warren. 1979. Plants

Wild Plants to Eat. Workbook. Jack and Miriam Darnall. 1975. Plants

Woody Plants of the Wild Basin Area. Judy Walther. 1981. Plants

You Are the Guardian of the Past. Robert Mallouf. 1983. Archaeology

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