Newsletter Collections

Newsletters from local schools, towns, and organizations.

There is much history in an organization's newsletters: accounts of events that have already happened and of plans for those to come, of people and their thoughts and ideas and their plans for changes (or for keeping the status quo). A community reveals its character through it publications. The newsletters of the local governments and of the school system are invaluable in telling the story of how they came to be where they are and give a hint of where they and the citizens involved are going. All are very interesting!.

These are among the early newsletters that were published as Westlake High School was becoming a reality in 1971. The EISD newsletters through the years gave news of school plans and activities and were important in keeping the local school patrons informed.


City of West Lake Hills Newsletter, 1972-1983 Bulletins, 1991, 1993

EISD Newsletter, 1960-1994 (discontinued in the spring), 1995.(irregular publication). four envelopes.

Insight Newsletter of the Texas State Historical Association, Educational Services. 1988 to present.

Riding Line Newsletter of the Texas State Historical Association.

Wild Basin Newsletter, 1981-1985.