Pamphlet File Collection

Extensions of Vertical File Folders; EISD School Directories; Telephone Directories; Special Publications


The Pamphlet File of the Eanes History Center Library has telephone directories, EISD school directories, extensions of some of the Vertical File folders, historical markers information, Sesquicentennial calendars of drawings of Texas historical sites, early editions of booklets on the national flag and constitution, and copies of the Waterloo Scrapbooks of Austin history.

The telephone directories for Austin date from 1986 to the present and local area and regional directories from the 1950s. The EISD School Directories are from 1971 to the present.

Eanes School Directories from the 1970's to the

present are in the files of the Eanes History Center.

Pamphlet File

Austin Almanac. Pictures and Articles of Austin's History published in the Austin American Statesman. Compiled by the Austin History Center Staff. 1990- 1995.

Austin: History. (extension of VF Austin: History)

Austin: History. Bateman/Hart - "Waterloo Scrapbooks." Six bound volumes. 1970- 1976.

Calendars: Community Calendars. 1991 to present.

Capitol Building: Pictures, Articles. Restoration of Capitol, 1997-1998.

A Catalog of Texas Properties in the National Historical Places Registry. (See in Pamphlet File: Historical Places)

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Eanes Community Cemetery on the Eanes School Road. Map (drawings) are from Walking Back in Time.

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Eanes Community Cemetery on the Old Eanes School Road. Map of Cemetery drawn by Erin Baxter (photocopies.)

Large Original Map Remounted.

Charlton, Thomas: Oral History for Texans. Texas. State Historical Association. 1981.

Churches: Eanes Area - Presbyterian Church History. (boxed materials)

Depwe, Dorothy: A History of a School and Community. 1976. Book ( extra copies)

Depwe, Dorothy: Reflections of a Proud Hertiage. Book. (extra copies)

Depwe File 28. Robert Edward Lee, 1807-1870. Research for local Marker. Robert

Depwe Notebook: Working Notes for "Slides," "Time-Line."

Directory: Austin Mini Phone Book. Business Listings, Information, Area Zip Codes, Consumer Information. 1999.

Directory: Austin Southwest Suburban Telephone Directory and Guide. Westlake Hills, Oak Hill, Barton Creek, Rollingwood, Driping Springs, Circle C Ranch, Lost Creek, Lakeway, Southwest Austin. 1992-1993.

Directory: Austin Southwest Suburban Telephone Directory and Guide. West Lake, Oak Hill, Barton Creek, Rollingwood, Dripping Springs, Circle C

Ranch, Lost Creek, Lakeway, Southwest Austin. 1995-1996.

Directory: Donnelly Yellow Pages, South Suburban. 1986-1987.

Directory: South Austin Phone Book. 119-1997, Local Internet. Yellow Pages.

Directory: EISD School Directories. 1976 to Present.

Directory: South Austin Telephone Directory. 1988. Buda, Creemoor, Del Valle, Driping Springs, Kyle, Lakeway, Manchaca, Oak Hill, Rollingwood, West Bank, West Lake Hills, Wimberly.

Directory: Southwest Austin Eanes-Suburban, EISD Telephone Directory. 1988.

Directory: Southwestern Bell Telephone Book. Current Date

Directory: Southwestern Bell Telephone Books. Greater Austin. 1986- 1987, 1987- 1988, 1989-1990, 1991-1992, 1992,1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.

Directory: Telephone Directory. Local. Westlake Hills, Oak Hill, Southwest Austin. 1984.

Directory: Travis County Rural Directories. 1957, 1958.

Directory: Westlake - West Austin Phone Book. 1992-1993. Rollingwood, Camelot, Lost Creek, Northwest Hills, Rob Roy, Jester Estates, West Bank, Bull Creek

Eanes History Center: "Eanes, the Musical." Photograph Book for the Production by Valley View Fourth Grades. Regina Rangel, Teacher. Spring, 1994.

Eanes History Center: Open House, May, 1989. Time Line Dedication.

Eanes History Center: Time Capsule, 1992. "Essays for the Year, 2112." West Ridge Middle School. Peter Price, Teacher.

Eanes History Center: Time Line Display Panels. Plans. Captions. Studies. Information. Correspondence. 1987.

Eanes History Center: Walking Back in Time. Third Grade Manual. (unbound copy)

EISD: Community Education Schedules. 1978 to Present.

EISD: Eanes Elementary School. " Cookbook - Eanes First Annual Bake-off Cookbook, 1968." (extra copies.)

EISD: School Directories. Published each year by the Directory Committee. 1971 to Present.

EISD: Westlake Alumni Directory. 1994. Published by the Westlake Alumni Association and Eanes Foundation.

EISD: Westlake High School - Sports.

EISD: Westlake High School - Sports. Football Game Programs and Histories - (duplicate copies.)

Eanes School: Old Rock Schoolhouse Class, 1997-1998. Multi-age First and Second Grades. "Thank You Letters from Class." May 4, 1998.

Ecology: Austin American Statesman Ecology Weekly Section.

Ecology: Environment.

Historical Places: "A National Register of Historical Places in Texas."

"A Catalog of Texas Properties in the National Historical Places Registry."

History of Eanes Schools. EISD Newsletter, April, 1984. Eanes Schools - 50 Years." "Facts About School District." (multiple copies)

Indian-German Treaty. Laminated extra copies.

Junior Historian Magazines. Texas Historian Magazines.

Junior Historian Organization. (See material in Pamphlet File: Texas State Historical Association.)

Land Development: Loop 360 South. "The Wilderness" Booklet. (extra copies)

LCRA: Publications. Currents Magazine. 1986, l987. Information.

LCRA: Publications. News. 1981, 1986, 1987, 1989. Incomplete series in each year.

LCRA: Publications. River Review Magazine. 1984, 1985, 1986. Incomplete series for each year.

Letter Patterns for Posters. Cut Letters. Letters to be Mounted.

Lost Creek: Neighborhood Directories. 1982-1983. Issue numbers incomplete from 1984-1992.

Mailing Lists. Eanes History Center. Boxed.

Maps: Austin and Austin Area Street Maps. Folded Maps, 1964-1988.

Markers: "Guide to Official Texas Historical Markers." "Travis County in Stone, Bronze, and Aluminum" by Mulkey Owens.

People: Eanes Area - Helen Durio. Memorial Fund Information. Plaque Dedication.

Pioneer Life: Fences. Corrals, Gates, Barbed Wire. "Barbed Wire," Arizona Highways Magazine, October, 1969.

Ranching: Cowboy. Life of the Cowboy. "Cotton, Gins, and Cowboys." Article and Pictures. Arizona Highways Magazine, October, 1970.

Telephone Directories. (See Pamphlet File: Directories)

Texas: Capitol Building. (See Pamphlet File: Capitol Building.)

Texas Historian Magazines. Junior Historians of the Texas State Historical Association.

Texas History: Institute of Texas Cultures Publications.

"The French Texans" by James P. McGuire

"The Spanish Texans" by P. Henderson Shuffler

"The Mexican Texans" by P. Henderson Shuffler

Texas History: Sesquicentennial. Calendars. 1986.

"The Texas Calendar and Diary." Portraits of Famous Texans and Events.

"The Official Texas Sesquicentennial Calendar, 1836-1986." Photographs of Texas Landmarks.

"Sesquicentennial of the State of Texas Calendar -150th Year Celebration, 1836-1986." Drawings by Norman Baxter.

Texas History: Sesquicentennial Calendar, 1986.Commemorative Calendar. "Happy Birthday,Texas." Texas Wagon Train Association.

Texas History: Sesquicentennial Celebration of Texas History."Texas 150 Celebrations." San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park. April 20-21,1986.

Texas History: Sesquicentennial of Texas Publications. 1986.

"Texas, Our Texas." Texas Monthly, January, 1986.

"Texas Sesquicentennial - 150 Years of Greatness."

The Christian Science Monitor, February 24, 1986.

"Texas - 150 Foley's" Vol. 43, 1986.

"Texas, The Friendship State." State Department of Highways.

"Texas Celebrates the 150 Years." The Official Guide.

Texas History: Sesquicentennial. "The Official Texas Sesquicentennial Coloring Books." 1986. (three copies)

Texas Monthly. "Texas, Our Texas." Sesquicentennial Collector's Issue. 150 Moments That Made Us the Way We Are. January, 1986. Vol 14, Issue 1.

Texas Museum Directory. Guide Book for Texas Museums.

Texas Schools: Education. General Information.

Texas State Historical Association. Junior Historians - Organization and Sponsorship. "A Shared Past" by W.C. Hardt. "Sponsor's Handbook" by David DeBoe.

Texas: "Texas State Travel Guide." 1998. Texas Department of Transportation.

Texas Towns: Austin's Colony Area.

Texas: West Texas. (See Pamphlet File: "West Texas.")

Transportation: Travel in 1919 by Automobile. "Official Automobile Blue Book, 1920, " Vol. 7. (automobile care)

United States History: Civil War Era. Daughters of the Republic Magazine, 1981- 1983.

United States Constitution: Publications.

"The United States Constitution."

"The Constitution of the United States." 1936.

"The Story of the Constitution." 1937.

"We, The People." Time Magazine, July 6, 1987.

"Changing the Constitution." American Heritage, May/June, 1987.

"The Constitution." Life Magazine, Fall, 1987."

"Rights in History." National History Day, 1987.

United States: "Flags of the United States." Collection of Articles and Booklets. Pictures. Information. History.

"How to Display and Respect the Flag of the United States." U.S. Navy. 1974. Poster

"Am the American Flag" by Robert Schuller. Article in the Saturday Evening Post. July/August, 1984.

"How the Flag Developed." Historical Background. Charts

"Historical Flag Collection of Our American Heritage." Pictures of Historical Flags.

"How to Respect and Display Our Flag." History. Pictures.

Wagon Train. The Official Souvenir Magazine of the 1986 Wagon Train. January 2-July 4, 1984.

Washington, D. C. Calendars, 1995. 2000

Waterloo Scrapbooks. Early Day Austin. (See Pamphlet File: Austin History - Bateman/Hart "Waterloo Scrapbooks.")

Westbank Community Council. Records.

"West Texas Issue." Texas Monthly, October, 1997. "The Real West Texas," (pages 120-139.) "Hallie and Farewell," (pages 132-137), the story of Hallie Crawford Stillwell.

Wildlife of Texas: Animals.

Wildlife of Texas: Birds