Photograph Collection

Photographs of people, places, and events pf the Eanes Area from the early history of the area to present

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Framed Photographs and Certificates on Display

On Display Cases 1 and 2 Framed Photographs

Robert Eanes

Eliza Howell Eanes

William and Sophia Teague

Log Cabin, 1972

Frame School Building, 1896

Interior of Frame School Building, 1900s

Eanes School Class, 1902

Community Rock Church with Bell Tower and

Old Frame School Building, 1930s

New Two Room Rock School, 1937

End of School Program, 1938

On Walls of Archival Area

West Wall

Framed portrait of George Washington

Framed Print "The Women's Movement" by Fannie Lou Spelch, 1977

South Wall

Frank Johnson Plowing Corn Field, 1930s

Rob Roy and Companions after a Cougar Hunt, 1930s

Calvin Swank's Blacksmith Shop, Manchaca, Texas, early 1900s

Eanes School Students Playing in the Snow, 1930s

Eanes School Students at End of School Picnic, 1940s

Eanes School Students and Teachers on the steps of the New

Rock Schoolhouse, 1937

East Wall by Front Door

Eanes History Center Recognition Plaques

"The Peddler." Framed Print

East Wall by Windows

Installation of West Lake Hills City Council, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. B.B. "Pop" Beard

East Wall by Windows

Eanes School Fifth and Sixth Grade Class, in the New Rock Classroom, 1956

Eanes School Class, 1937

By East Stage Door (in Artifacts Area)

Emmett Shelton Playing Taps

"History of the Eanes History Center"

Certificate: "Texas Flag Flown over the State Capitol Building." 1987

"Austin Welcomes Westlake Hills" Cartoon, 1953

By West Stage Door (in Artifacts Area)

Teacher and Volunteer Mother in the Snow, 1940

First Teachers in the New Rock Schoolhouse, 1937

By West Stage Door (in Library Area)

Resolution by Travis County Commissioners Court, 1988

North Wall of Library Area

Recognition of WHS Percussion Quartet with Governor Smith, circa, 1970

Certificate - Treaty Oak Authenticity Chip No. 7501

Watercolor "Eanes School, 1896" by Jane Mosley

Artifacts Area near History Panels

Certificate - Treaty Oak Authenticity for Wood Relic, No. 281

Recognition of West Lake High School Band, 1972