Picture File Collection

Pictures, Posters, Maps, Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines, Certificates, Documents

The Eanes History Center Archival Library has a Picture File Collection relating to pioneer life, Eanes school and community history and devlopment, Eanes History Center Contest poster entries, Texas history and development, education in Texas, and plants and wildlife of Texas.

The Picture File Collection consists of mounted pictures, framed photographs and pictures, maps, posters, charts, drawings, rubbings (from cemetery gravestones), scrapbooks, newsletters, certificates, documents, and special issues and collections of newspapers and magazines. These entries in the Picture File date from the early 1870s to the present.

The Newspaper Collection has copies of the Westbank Picayune from its first issue in 1976 to the present and some copies of the earlier small local papers, The Town Crier of the Village of West Lake (1954-1955) and the Westlake Hills Forum (1969-1972), and the most recently locally published paper, The Westbank School Reporter and Community News (1998-1999) There are some copies of the Westlake High School's first newspaper, The Roadrunner Express, 1972-1973, and some copies of the Featherduster from 1976 to the present. In the Special Collection are three newspapers of the Texas Revolution era, 1826, 1835, and 1836, and one of the Civil War period, 1862.


"The Alamo." Picture.

Alamo: "Remember the Alano." Bicentennial. 1976. Poster

"The Austin Album - Austin People," Third Coast, August, 1984. Magazine.

Austin Answer Book - Austin American Statesman. Sept. 16, 1985, Sept. 12, 1988, Sept. 20, 1989, Sept. 25, 1991, July 22, 1992. Newspaper.

Austin: Buildings, Parks, Lake Austin, Town Lake, Public Sculptures. Pictures

"Austin Business Forecast." 1992. Newspaper

Austin Community College: Posters - "Vote For." 1972. Posters

"Austin Creeks. Preserving Our Natural Heritage in a Gift to the Nation on Its 200th Birthday." 1976. Poster

Creek Photograph. Poster.

Austin: Downtown Austin - Pen and Ink Drawings. Congress Avenue and Bridge, Austin Skyline. 1890s-1990s. Pictures

"Austin Forecast." Austin American Statesman. Feb.25, 1990; Februrary 24. 1992. Newspapers.

Austin: Information - Forecasts, Answers. Austin American Statesman.

"This Is Austin! A Guide to Sights, Sounds, and Special Touches that Define the Capital City." 1993.

"A Guide to Living in the Communities Surrounding the Capital." 1995

"This is Austin and Surrounding Communities." 1996, 1998.


Austin: "Summer in Austin." 1990. Austin American Statesman. Newspaper

"Austin: Witness - Austin People, 1945-1985." Third Coast. August, 1985. Magazine.

Austin: "Your Guide to Austin." Austin American Statesman, 1986, 1990, 1993. Newspaper

Automobiles - Antique. Pictures.

Automobiles. Antique. Magazines.

Automobiles: Models 1900's - 1960's. Pictures.

Automobiles: "New Cars of 1969." Saturday Evening Post. October 15, 1969. Magazine.

Barton Creek Square Mall View of Downtown Austin. 1976, 1988. Pictures.

"Basket of Black-Eyed Susans." Print. Mounted. Picture.

"Battle of San Jacinto." Print of large Painting in Senate Chamber of Texas State Capitol Building. Picture

"Beard's Grocery." By Christine Johnson. EHC Contest Entry, 1989. Poster

"Beyond the Box." Laguna at 1st Federal. 1980. Poster.

Bicentennial of the American Revolution. Mounted Poster.

Brands for Cattle. Student Projects. Drawings.

"Bucket of Berries." Three Pictures.

Calendar. Bicentennial of Austin. Pictures

Capitol Building, Greenscape. Painted George Boutwell. Poster.

Capitol Centennial, 1988. Austin American Statesman. Newspaper.

Capitol Grounds. Picture. Poster.

"Cemetery on the Old Eanes Road. Across from the Old Rock Schoolhouse." EHC Contest Entry by Erin Baxter. 1989. Plat of Cemetery. Poster.

"Central Texas in the Late 1800's."By Jennifer Sasson. EHC Contest Entry. 1991. Poster.

Certificates: United States Centennial International Certificates. 1876. Notation by Frances Nesmith. Documents.

Children's Activities. Pictures.

"Children of Long Ago." Picture.

Christmas Cards and Decorations, Antique. Cards and Pictures

Clothing Styles: Mid-1800s-1980s. Paper Dolls

Amanda Goes West, 1830s

Amanda's New Life, 1940s

Amanda's Home on the Range, 1960s

American Family of the 1920's

"Dolly Dingle" - 1930s

Gerry, 1950s

"Betty McCall Visits Yellowstone," 1960s

Princess Diana, 1980s

Clothing Styles: Mid-1800's to Early 1900s. Pictures.

Clothing Styles: Victorian Era. Pictures

"The Constitution." Life Magazine. Special Issue. Fall, 1987. Magazine

"Country Day School." History of School. EHC Contest. Entry by Hillary Brown. 1989. Poster.

"Cowboys in Central Texas." EHC Contest Entry by Jennifer Sasson. 199l. Mounted Pictures of Eanes Elementary School Exhibit. Scrapbook Format.

"Davy Crockett: Man and Myth" by Sue Flanagan, 1966. Magazine

Declaration of Independence, 1776. Document.

Declaration of Texas Independence, 1835. Document.

Delineator and Pictorial Review. July, 1937. Magazine.

Dolls: Period Costumes. Pictures. Booklet.

Dougherty Art Center: Gallery Poster, 1983.

"Eagle." Pictures.

Eanes Area History: Articles and Pictures of Eanes History. Picayune, April 2, 1986; Picayune, March 4, 1992; Austin American Statesman, December 19, 1985. Newspapers.

"Eanes Area History." Display Depicting Eanes History by Erin Baxter, Hill Country Middle School. EHC Contest Entry, 1989. First Place. Poster.

Eanes Family: Chart of Ages of Robert Eanes Family on Trip to Texas. 1972. Poster.

"Eanes Family History." Gravestone Rubbings from Robert Eanes Family Cemetery. Contest Entry. 1991. Made by Allison McCall and Chelsea Robertson. Documents

Eanes History Center: Display Posters to Illustrate Eanes Schools History. Poster

Eanes History Center: "Early Years of Eanes History Center - Those Who Took Part." Photographs of People and Activities

Eanes History Center: History of Eanes History Center. Document.

EISD: "Back to School." Picayune, August 21, 1991. Newspaper

EISD: Newsletters. 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980, 1981-1983, 1984-1987, 1988,1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, Spring 1994. Newsletters

EISD: Resolutions and Recognitions by State and Local Governments. Documents. (See Picture File: Recognitions.)

EISD: Westlake High School Photographs of Honored Students. 1970-1980. Prepared for WHS Reunion, 1992. Photographs

"Eanes School, 1896." Original Watercolor by Jane Mosley, Artist of the Eanes Area. Framed Picture.

Eanes Schools: Historic Photographs of Eanes Early School Buildings, Classes, Students, Teachers, Playground Scenes. 1886-1956. Photographs

"Early Eanes Schools and History." EHC Contest Entry, 1986. Document

Family Weekly, Austin American Statesman, July 28, 1968. Newspaper

"Farm Life in Early Days." Print by Locker. Picture.

"Farm Scene in Early Days." Barn and Field. Picture.

Featherduster. Westlake High School Newspaper. 1976-1983; 199l-1992, 1993, 1994. Newspapers

Flag: "Recognition of Texas State Flag that Flew above the State Capitol." 1987. Document.

Flood, May, 1981. Austin American Statesman, May 25, 1981, and May 26, 1981. Newspapers

"Focus on Eanes - A 120th Birthday Salute to EISD and Westbank Area Business." Picayune, March 4, 1992. Newspaper

Fredricksburg Visitor's Guide." Fredricksburg Standard. History of Area. Newspaper

Graveart: Rubbings Made from Gravestones in Eanes Area Cemeteries: Tucker, Bee Cave Baptist, Marshall. Student Project. Documents.

"Happy Birthday, Eanes." Picayune, April 2, 1986. Newspapers

"Highways of Texas, 1969." Texas Highway Magazine. Vol. 16, No. 12, December, 1969. Magazine

Home Furnishings, 1880's- 1920's. Pictures.

"Independence." Special Issue, 1776. Time Magazine. July 4, 1776. Magazine

Indian Chief. Poster.

Indians. "Indian Camp." Print.

Indians - Tonkawa Tribal Pow-Wow. 1985. Poster.

The Instructor, A Magazine for Teachers. March, 1961. Magazine

"It's Governor Richards, Election Time, Austin." Austin American Statesman. Nov. 7, 1990. Newspapers

Johnson, L.B., President.

"Down Home with LBJ." Life Magazine, May 21, 1971.

"LBJ Library," Austin American Statesman, May, 1971

"LBJ Library," Texas Star, Sept.5, 1971.

"Pedernales to the Potomac," Austin American Statesman, Jan.20, 1965.

"President LBJ - A Hill Country Heritage." 1996

"Library Poised to Celebrate 15 Years."

"Through the Cartoonist's Eyes."

"Inside the LBJ Company. How $17,000 became $150 Million."

"A Handy Perennial - A Family Portrait."

Magazines and Newspapers

Map: Austin Map. "Hearn Brothers Official Map of Austin and All of Travis County.

Map: "Austin - State Capital of Texas." Aerial View. Drawing Made by Augustus Koch, 1887. Issued by the Friends of the Austin Public Library. 1974.

Map: Austin Street Map Showing Boundaries of Eanes School Area.

Map: City of West Lake Hills and Vicinity, Travis County, Texas. August, 1958.

Map: Eanes Area. Hand-drawn Map of Westlake Area, Geographic Sites, Ranches. No date. Mounted.

Map: Eanes Area. Locations of Ranch Sites, Cemeteries, Roads, Geographic Markers. Early 1900's. Hand-drawn by Linda Vance in 1993. Mounted.

Map: Map of Texas. "Hoffman E Walker's Pictorial and Historical Map of Texas Showing Historical Events and Sites. Flat map.

Map: Natural Heritage of Texas." Texas Sesquicentennial Map. Illustrated with Pictures of Plants and Symbols of Texas. General Land Office of Texas. 1986.

Map: "Pathways of the Pioneers." Pioneer Trails Across the Continent. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Mounted

Map: Sesquicentennial Maps of Texas. 1836-1986. Drawn by John Davis and given to the Eanes History Center by the Artist, March 8, 1987.

"Commemorative Map of the Republic of Texas, 1845."

"Sesquicentennial Map of Texas, 1836-1846, Showing Colonies and Battles of the Texas Revloution, 1836." Framed maps.

Map: Survey Map - Eanes Church and School Two Acre Tract Surveyed May 28, 1952, by Marlton G. Metcalf, County Surveyor of Travis County. Mounted map.

Map: "Take Time for Texas." Illustrated Map of Texas. Reverse side "Proud to Be a Texan" with Flags, Symbols, Dates in Texas History, Sesquicentennial Celebrations. 1984.

Map: Texas General Land Office. 1957. Earl Rudder, Commissioner. Counties outlined in red and blue. State Seal. Rolled.

Map: Texas History Map. Reverse side is an illustrated map showing Symbols of Texas. 1962.

Map: Texas map showing Counties in Color. Map and Calendar for display. 1994.

Map: "Texas - The Lone Star State, 1936-1986." Illustrated Sesquicentennial Map of Events of Texas History. Large flat map.

Map: Texas Wall Map. Large map on roller.

Map: Topographic and Road Map of Travis County, 1932. Prepared in 1932 by Travis County Engineer Department.

Map: "Travis County Communities, Past and Present." 1971. Sites Numbered with Key. Flat Map. Travis County Roads, 1898 - 1902.

Map: Travis County Roads, 1898-1902. Surveyed by John E. Wallace. 1915 retraced. West Travis County Area (District 3) shows locations of ranches and villages. Large rolled map.

Map: United States of America, 1986. Interregional Highway System.

Map: United States - Outline of Mississippi.Wagon Train Route to Texas.

Map: United States - Outline Map Showing Territorial Growth. Mounted

Map: Water District 10. Travis County W.C.I.D. No. 10. Capital Improvements. Information.

Map: Westlake and South Austin Cartoon Map. 1989.

Map: West Lake Hills: "City of West Lake Hills and Vicinity." Travis County, Texas. Turner Engineers. August, 1958.

Map: West Lake Hills. "City of West Lake Hills. Hand Drawn Map of the Village of West Lake Hills. Drafted in 1953 by Emmett Shelton, Sr., November 5, 1982."

Map: West Lake Hills. "Official Map of the City of West Lake Hills. December, 1972." Prepared by William M. Brooks.

Map: World Map. Route from Poland to Texas.

Middle School Contest Posters.

Modern Priscilla, A Magazine Exclusively for Women. September, 1909; September, 1911. Two Magazines. Special Collection File.

"The Most Amazing 60 Years in History."1923-1983. Time Magazine 60th Anniversary Issue. October, 1983.

Music: "Rebirth of the Blues." The Saturday Evening Post. February 3, 1969. Magazine.

National Geographic Magazine. October, 1957.

Neighborhoods - "Looking at Austin in 1985." St. Edward's Centennial Project. Poster.

Newsletters: EISD - 1960-1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1994.

Newsletters: Wild Basin. 1981-1985.

Newspapers (Special Collection Issues)

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, July 5, 1862, Nos. 351 and 353, Vol. XIV, New York. Special Collection Newspaper. Laminated.

New York Transcript, April 18, 1836, Vol. IV, No. 92.Special Collection. Newspaper. Laminated.

New York Transcript, November 9,1835. Special Collection Newspaper. Special Collection. Laminated.

Patriot and Democrat, May 28, 1826, No. 65. Special Collection. Newspaper. Laminated.

"The Peddler." Picture. Framed.

"People of Texas History." By Bruce Marshall, Artist of Eanes Area. Print.

Photographs (mounted). Set of Eanes history mounted photographs for the classroom baskets for each of the Eanes elementary school's Third Grade Program. Robert Eanes, Eliza Eanes, William and Sophia Teague, Log School Building, Frame School Building, Class of 1902.

"Photographs of Old Buildings" Poster Project by Ben Stewart, Robert Crawford, Matt Spannus, and Scott Mitchell. EHC Contest Entry,1993. Poster.

Picayune. Newspaper of the Westbank. 1976 to Present. Newspapers. Boxed Issues.

"Pictures of the Past." Posters.

Pioneer Life: Buildings and Scenes of Pioneer Life.

"Country Calendar" by Fred Swan. 1984. Paintings in color of old houses, stores, barns, through the Seasons.

"I Remember America." Calendar by Eric Sloan. 1977. Paintings in color of mills, churches, houses, and bridges.

"Southwestern Echoes" by Don Collins. 1993. Drawings in black and white of deserted barns and farm houses.

"Crossroads Commerce: by Don Collins. 1985. Drawings in black and white of country stores, "filling" stations, post office of earlier times.

Pioneer Life: Cane Sugar and Molasses Production.

Pioneer Life: Charcoal Burners. "Making Charcoal." Drawing.

Pioneer Life: Farm Animals. Pictures.

Pioneer Life: Farming - Early Day Rural Scenes and Homesteads - Houses, Barns, Sheds. Pictures.

Pioneer Life: Farming - Home Life. Activites on the Early Day Farms. Pictures.

Pioneer Life: Farming - Rural Scenes -Plowing, and Harvesting. Farm Equipment. Caring for farm animals. Pictures.

Pioneer Life: Homes and Home Furnishings of the Pioneers. 1800s to the Early 1900s. Pictures

Pioneer Life: Homes built by the Pioneers. Log Houses, Limestone Houses, Frame Houses, Sod Houses, Adobe Houses, Dug Outs. Pictures

Pioneer Life: Log Cabins. Building a Log Cabin. Furnishings. Living in a Log Cabin. Pictures.

Pioneer Life: Quilts. Examples of Patterns and Methods of Quilt Making. Pictures.

Pioneer Life: Wagons, Covered Wagons, Wagon Trains. Pictures, Drawings.

Pioneer Life: Wash Day and Wash Pots. "Grandma's Recipe for Doing the Family Wash." Poster.

Pioneer Life: Windmills, Hand Pumps, Hand-dug Wells, Drilling for Water.

Pioneer Life: Women "Their Work is Never Done." Photographs and Prints. Mounted.

Postcards: Views of Austin Before 1970. Pictures.

"Proud to Be a Texan." Symbols, Celebrations.

Quilt: "Making A Quilt." Forest Trail Fifth Grade. 1988. Mounted Photographs.

Ranching and Ranch Life: Fencing, Herding, Roping, Roundup, Breaking Horses, Rodeo, Horses, Cattle Drives, Longhorns. Pictures.

"Range Escort - The Centaurs." Terry's Texas Rangers. 8th Cavalry Regiment. Painted by Bruce Marshall, Artist of the Eanes Area. Print.

Recognition: Governor Ann Richards. Recognition of Eanes School 120th Anniversary. February 20, 1992. Document.

Recognition: Governor Clements. Eanes Independent School District. March 8, 1988. Document.

Recognition: Governor W.P. Clements. "History and Establishment of Eanes School", March 10, 1988. Document.

Recognitions: Governor W.P. Clements. Designation of "Public School Week," March 7-11, 1988. Document.

Resolution: Travis County Commissioners Court. Eanes Schools. March 9, 1988. Document.

Rocks and Precious Stones of Texas. Identification. Poster.

Rockwell, Norman: Scenes of American Life. Pictures.

"Rules for Teachers." 1915. Poster. Laminated.

The Saturday Evening Post. February, 1969.

"Schools of the Past." Picture and Article. Austin Citizen, November 26, 1976.

"Sheep, Rock Fence." Picture.

"Shaping of Texas Schools." Texas Outlook, March, 1976. Magazine.

Shelton, Emmett. "He Bought the Wilderness and Made it West Lake Hills." Picayune, Distinct Section, February 8, 1989.

"The Sheriff, 1880's." Painted by Bob Molina. Print.

Smith (Dry) Creek Eagle Scout Project. Photographs and Report by Michael Perkins. 1988.

"So You Think You'll Prefer the Good Old Days." Poster.

Stereoscope Cards. General Views. Cards.

"Susanna of the Alamo." Poster.

"Take Time for Texas." Poster ("Texas History Posters.")

Texanos, Texians, Texas, 1836 - 1986." Sesquicentennial Poster.

Texas - "Americas Fun-tier - Texas Bluebonnets." Poster.

"Texas." Austin American Statesman. Special Edition. March 2, 1986.

"Texas - Celebration of Our First 150 Years." Austin American Statesman, Section A. March 2, 1986.

"Texas, 1886-1986, The State Today." Austin American Statesman, Section B, March 2, 1986.

"Texas Folklife Festival, 1972, at The Institute of Texas Cultures." Poster.

Texas Highways Magazine. 1982 to Present. Bound Volumes. Notebook Format.

Texas Historian, Junior Historian. Magazines of the Junior Historians of the Texas State Historical Association

Texas History: Chart by McComb. Mounted.

Texas History: Education in Texas. "The Shaping of Texas Public School." The Texas Outlook. March, 1976.

Texas History Exhibit at Forest Trail. 199l. Mounted Photographs.

"Texas History Facts - The Joker Cards." Posters.

Texas History: "Live and Play in Texas - Land for all Seasons." Houston Tribune Supplement, Vol. 4, No. 3. October 29, 1970.

Texas History: Missions in Spanish Texas. Pictures.

Texas History: Nineteenth Century Business Rules. Mounted Poster.

Texas Lore - "Frontier First Aid." Mounted Poster.

Texas Parade, March, 1971. Magazine.

Texas: Pioneer Life. Set of Pictures. Mounted.

"Texas Retrospect, 1936- 1986." Painting by Bill Hall. Southwestern Bell Telephone's Sesquicentennial Directory Cover.

Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986. Austin American Statesman. March 2, 1986.

Section A: "Glimpses of Our Past."

Section B: "The State Today."

Section C: "Austin Today - Texas, 1836-1986."

Section D: "As We Saw It." March 1-7, 1986

Time Out: "Happy Birthday Texas." March 3, 1986

Section A: "Day of Celebrations."

Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986. Eanes Area Sketches by Mary Curtis, Artist of the Eanes Area. Cards.

Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986. Publications.

"Texas Celebrates the First 150 Years, Texas Highway Department.

"Texas, Our Texas," Texas Monthly, Jan., 1986.

"150 Years of Greatness, " The Chrisian Science Monthly, Feb. 14, 1986.

"This Weekend," Commemorative Issue, Vol. 43, Foleys.

"Texas." Town and Country. September, 1957.

"Texas, The Friendship State." Texas Highway Department, 1986.

"Thanks for Helping." Photographs of Local Contributers to the Eanes History Center. Framed.

"Third Grade Classes Visit Eanes History Center." 1991-1992. Mounted Photographs.

Time Capsule, 1992. "Essays for the Year 2112." West Ridge Middle School Students. Documents.

Time Line. 1880-1900, 1900-1920, 1920-1940, 1940-1990. Four Panels Showing Culture and Events of the United States, Texas, and Eanes Area.

Train Station. Picture. Print.

Transportation - Past and Present. Horse Drawn Carriages, Stage Coaches, Buggies, Hacks, Rigs, Surries.

Treaty Oak. Two Framed Certificates with Wood Chips. Documents.

Trees - Poster for Identification.

"Union Invasion of Texas" painted by Bruce Marshall, Artist of the Eanes Area. 1964. Picture. Print.

United States Capitol Building,Washington, D.C. Picture.

United States History: Time Line. Poster.

United States Presidents: President Bush. Signed. Picture. 1990. Photograph.

"State of the Union Address. January 31, 1990. Document.

Valentines. Antique Examples.

Wagon - Buckboard. Picture.

Wagon - Covered Wagon. From Drawing by Betsy Warren. Hand Colored Picture. Poster.

Wagon - Covered Wagon. From Drawing by V.B. Johnson. Outline Drawing with Parts of Wagon Labeled. Poster.

Wagon Train. Two Sets of Pictures.

Wash Day and Wash Pot. "Grandma's Recipe for Doing the Family Wash." Poster. Laminated

Washington, George. Portraits.

Water District No.10. Travis County W.C.I.D. No. 10. Capital Improvements.

Water Mill. Print.

Westbank Community Council.

West Lake Hills Newsletter. 1972-1992.

West Lake Hills Forum. Newspaper. 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972.

Wild Basin Newsletters. 1981-1985.

Wildflower Calendar by Abbott. Poster. 1978. Poster.

Wildflower Identification. Texas Highway Department. Poster.

Wildflowers Across America. Picture.

Wildlife of Texas: Animals, Birds, Fish, Frogs, Insects.

Wildlife: Snakes - Identification Poster.

"The Women's Movement." Painted by Fannie Lou Spelce, Artist of the Eanes Area. 1977. Print. Framed.

"Zapata" painted by Bruce Marshall, Artist of the Eanes Area. Print.