Special Collection

Materials of archival and historical value to the Eanes History Center.

The Special File Collection in the Eanes History Center contains materials that are of special archival and historical value and require special care and storage.

Entries include papers, diplomas, certificates, booklets, report cards, and other memorabilia of former students who attended when the only Eanes school was the Rock School Building.

The Special File Collection of the Eanes History Center also includes newspaper collections of issues in series and special single editions or sections. There are special displays of some items such as rare or unusual books, old postcards, historical pictures and photographs, and special old maps, as well as other collections of related materials that need special care.

Certificates, Diplomas, Booklets, Scrapbooks, Books, Documents, Newspapers, Magazines

Boy Scout Merit Badge Series. 1932-1935

Crowell, Evelyn: Men of Achievement, Texas. 1948

Delineator and Pictorial Review. July,. 1937. Magazine.

EISD: Westlake High School Boosters Club, 1969 - 1975. Notebook with Minutes.

EISD: Westlake High School Fine Arts Dedication, March 14, 1986. Guest Book and Invitation.

Eanes School Parent-Teacher Association. "History of Eanes P.T.A., 1934 - 1972." Minutes of Meetings of the Parent-Teacher Association. Historian's Scrapbook, 1968-69, 1969-70, 1970-71.

Eanes School Parent - Teacher Association Yearbooks. 1954-57; 1967-1972. Eight Volumes.

Eanes School: Scrapbook Project "23 + 1". Fifth Grade. 1961-1962. A Studyof Geography with Pictures of Students. Martha Cheico, Teacher

Early Texas and Austin Scenes of Everyday Life. Collected by Janet and Walter Long and Used as Christmas Greetings in the 1950s.

Inaugural Program For Governor Dolph Brisco. Austin Inaugural Committee, Jan. 16, 1973.

Inaugural Program for GovernorWilliam P. Clements. Texas Inaugural Committee. Jan. 16, 1979.

Instructor Magazine. March, 1961.

Johnson, Cecil. Collection of Documents of Eanes Public School:

Certificates of Attendance, May 5, 1934, April 26, 1933;

Booklet - "My Career Book";

Workbook of Texas History, 1938-39, 6th Grade;

Autography Book, 1937-38, Mrs. Landers, Teacher.

Junior Historians. Magazine of the Texas State Historical Association for the Junior Historian Association. 1941-1970.

Landers, Betsy Ray. Travis County Public Schools Certificate of Promotion, 1938. Document.

Modern Priscilla, A Magazine Exclusively for Women. September, 1909.

Modern Priscilla, Fancy Work and Everyday Housekeeping. September, 1912.

Music Score of "Overture, Martha." Scored for Four-Hands Piano. 1916

Newspaper: Daily Texan. April 7, 1938. (VF)

Newspaper: Daily Texan. Centennial Issue. 1883-1983. February 4, 1983. (VF)

Newspaper: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, July 5, l862, Nos. 351 and 353, Vol. XIV, New York. (acid-free laminated.)

Newspaper: Houston Chronicle, April 15, 1912. (VF)

Newspaper: New York Transcript. April 18, 1836, Vol. IV, No. 92. Newspaper. (acid-free laminated.)

Newspaper: New York Transcript. November 9, 1835. Newspaper. (acid-free laminated.)

Newspaper: Patriot and Democrat, May 28, 1826, No. 65. Newspaper. (acid-free laminated.)

Newspaper: Presidio County News. May 31, 1884. Special Anniversary Issue. (reproduction.) VF

New Testment of Our Lord and Savior. No date.

Recognition: Senate Resolution - Fourth Grade Class from Eanes School. Doris Walcott. l967. Document.

Saturday Evening Post. May 13, 1911.

Saturday Evening Post. February, 1969.

Scully, Michael. This Is Texas - A Photographic Tour of the Greatest State. 1948.

Sesquicentennial Program for Eanes Independent School District developed by Sarah Crossland and presented to the School Board in the "Community History Room Proposal Scrapbook." 1985-1986. .

Texas Historian. Magazine of the Texas State Historical Association for the Junior Historians of Texas. 1970 to the Present.

Travis County Public School Commencement Programs. May 20, 1938; May 17, 1940; May 24, 1941.

Webster, Noah. The Elementary Spelling Book. Blue-back Speller. 1908, 1880. Display

Webster, Noah. Webster's Universal Dictionary of the English Language. 1912

White: E.E. A New Elementary Arithmetic, 1883. Display

White House Cookbook. 1900s.

Winkler, E. W. Manuscript Letters and Documents of Early Texas in Facsimile Folio Collection of Original Documents, 1821-1845.