Vertical File Collection

Materials related to local, regional, and state history; local school curriculum; people and events of local interest - past and present; documents, articles, stories and general information.

The Vertical File of the Eanes History Center is made up of folders containing materials related to the Eanes area school and community, Austin, and Texas. There are records and accounts of the early people and events of the Eanes area, the history and ways of living, and early day maps.

The files contain clippings from local newspapers and from other sources giving accounts of events, early settlement and later developments of the area, roadways, highways, bridges, conservation of land, habitat, water, creeks, the river and lakes, and events and developments that have affected this area in the past and are equally important today. These stories with information about the people involved bring history up to the present.

Included are other topics concerning Texas and Austin history, and stories and articles from many sources concerning the environment, geology, geography, and archaeology of the immediate and surrounding areas, and topics relating to ethnic cultures, pioneer culture, and modern culture.

These and many more topics that relate to the school curriculum are contained in the Vertical File of the Library.

The Vertical File Collection in the Eanes History Center Library is divided into three parts.

VFLIST1.EHC Part 1 pages 1 - 32 Advertising through Eanes History Center

VFLIST2.EHC Part 2 pages 33 - 60 EISD through Pamphlet File

VFLIST3.EHC Part 3 pages 61 - 99 People through Zilker Park

In the Eanes History Center see the Card Catalog or the INDEX-LOCATOR NOTEBOOK I for the complete list of Vertical File folders.

The original identification call for the EHC Vertical File Collection is VFLIST38.EHC.


EHC Vertical File, PART 1


Pages 1-32

Advertising: Early Days - Examples, 1905

Airplanes: Vintage Planes. History. Pictures

Almanacs: Old Farmer's Almanac, 1976 - Bicentennial Issue.

The Ladies Birthday Almanac, 1996

Annexation by Cities. Transfer of Land. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

Archaeology: Indian Sites. Historical Sites

Archival File of Eanes History Center: List of Folders in Archival File

Artifacts: Collecting, Identifying, Studying. Student Activities

Artifacts in Eanes History Center. List of Artifacts


Austin: Airport - Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Mueller Airport Statue. 1999

Austin Almanac: Pictures and Articles of Austin's History published in the American Statesman and compiled by the Austin History Center staff, 1990-1995.

EHC Vertical File 2

Austin American Statesman: Index of Articles about Westbank

Residents and Events. 1981-1987

Austin American Statesman Neighbor Section Columns: West

Lake Hills/Rollingwood

Austin: Aquifest

Austin : "Austin in a Nutshell", 1942 (booklet)

Austin Barton Springs Road. History and Development

Austin Bicentennial Celebrations, 1976 . Development and Dedication of Greenbelts and Trails

Austin: Bond Elections

Austin: Book Collections in Austin

Austin Bridges

Austin Buildings. Historic Buildings

Austin: Buildings - Historic Homes and Public Buildings Designed and Built by Abner Cook in Mid-Nineteenth Century Austin

Austin: Buildings - Historic Homes - "Green Pastures"

Austin: Buildings - Historic Homes in Austin

Austin: Buildings - Historic "Pioneer" Homes of Austin

Austin: Buildngs - Historic Public Buildings. Preservation

Austin: Buildings - "Old buildings, New Buildings." Written and Illustrated by Kathleen Chandler

Austin Buildings - Present Day Additions and Changes. Skyline Views of Austin. Pictures

Austin: Business

Austin: Business - Music Production; Movie Production

Austin: Celebration of 150 Years. 1989

EHC Vertical File 3

Austin: Celebrations and Observations of Holidays

Austin: Cemeteries. (See also VF Cemeteries: Austin)

Austin: Churches in the Austin Area

Austin: Churches - St. Mary's Cathedral - History

Austin: Citizen's Guide to Austin and Travis County, 1978, 1975

Austin: City of Austin, City Council

Austin Community Foundation. 1992. Booklet. Letter from Emmett Shelton

Austin: Congress Avenue

Austin: Convention Center - Archaelogy Site. Designs and Decorations. Uses

Austin: Creeks (See VF Creeks of Austin)

Austin: Downtown Area Before 1980. Photographs. Pictures and Postcards

Austin: Downtown Development. Historical Preservation. New Buildings. Plans for Street Front Impovements

Austin: Downtown Pictures - Pen and Ink Drawings of Downtown

Austin, 1980s to Present. Drawn by Richard Ross in 1997, 1998

Austin: Downtown View. "Pecan Street, Early Days." Cover -

Aerial Drawing of Downtown Austin, 1880s. Austin World, Vol. 4, No. 36, March 10-16, 1973

Austin: Growth and Development

Austin: Heritage Society of Austin

Austin: Historic Austin - Tours of Downtown Areas. West Austin Neighborhoods

Austin: History

Austin: History - "Austin, 1839-1989" by John Weems. Published by the Austin American Statesman, 1989

EHC Vertical File 4

Austin: History - Batement/Hart "Waterloo Scrapbooks." Bound Volumes 1-6. 1971-1976.

Austin: History - Bateman/Hart "Waterloo Scrapbook Weekly Columns" in the Austin American Statesman. Published


Austin: History. Black Communities in Early Austin

Austin: History Center

Austin: History Clues from the Austin American Statesman Contest. 1989

Austin: History - Hyde Park Neighborhood. History of Development of the Neighborhood

Austin: History. Nineteenth Century Austin by Katherine Hart (book)

Austin: History - 1941. "Vintage 1941"

Austin: History - Public Squares. Original Survey of the Downtown Area

Austin: History. Schools

Austin: History. "Spirit of Austin." Proposal for Public Program. Sept.. 1996

Austin: History - Street Cars

Austin: History - Waller (Edwin). First Surveyor of Austin. Planned and

Surveyed the Capital of the Texas Republic

Austin: History - Zoning (1930s)

Austin: Land Policies

Austin: Lights - Moonlight Towers

Austin: Mount Bonnell

EHC Vertical File 5

Austin: Museums and Tours of Historic Austin

Austin Nature Center

Austin: Neighborhoods

Austin: Parks. Parks Department. Nature Preserves, Recreational Centers,

Swimming Pools, Trails, Public Squares. Tours

Austin: People of Austin

Austin: People - Barbara Jordan

Austin: People - Elizabeth Ney

Austin: People - Women of Austin

Austin: People - Writers

Austin: Plan - Austin Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. Newsletters. 1958, 1985, 1987-88, 1990

Austin: Population. (See also in VF U.S.: Census. Population)

Austin: Public Library

Austin: Public Library - Carver Branch Library. History. Information for Marker

Austin: Railroads - Engine 786. Old Downtown Railway Depot

Austin: St. Edwards University

Austin; Schools and Colleges of the Austin Area

Austin: Schools - A.I.S.D.

EHC Vertical File 6

Austin: Schools - Teachers

Austin Science Fun. Guide to Fun and Educational Science Resouces in Austin, 1994

Austin: Sesquicentennial Celebrations of 1986. Information. Maps

Austin: Sidewalks and Bicycle Lanes

Austin: Street Maps. Flat, folded maps. Austin Transit Routes, 1978.

Austin, 1980. Austin Donneley (nd). Austin (nd). Austin Locator Map, 1980.

Eanes Business and Professional Association Area Directory (nd).

Austin Downtown Attractions (nd)

Austin: Streets and Highways by Areas

Austin: Streets and Highways. Plans. Studies. Projects. Repairs. Construction. Ordinances

Austin: Streets and Highways. South and Southwest Austin. Southwest Parkway, Brodie Lane, South MoPac Extension, U.S. Highways

290 and 71 West through Oak Hill.

Austin: Streets and Highways. Traffic Count. Traffic Patterns and Use of Arteries

Austin: Streets - History. Original Names of Downtown Streets. Map. 1946.

Folder - "Austin Streets, 1939-1998, Path to the Present." Exhibit at the Austin History Center, June, 1998.

Austin: Symbols - Seal, Flag

Austin: Transmission Lines - Austin Electrical Department - Plans for Eanes Area

Austin: Transportation - Public

Austin: Treaty Oak

Austin: Trees of Austin

Austin: Utilities. Electrical Services.

EHC Vertical File 7

Austin: "We Care Austin." Organization. 1986


Automobiles: Early Models. Text and Pictures

Automobiles: Models of the 1950s

Balcones Canyonland Conservation Plan: Information, Maps, Development

Balcones Co-Op Special Education Program

Barton Creek

Barton Creek: Bridges. History and Pictures. Rock Bridge over Barton Creek,

1880s. Barton Springs

Barton Creek Green Beltbelt Park

Barton Creek: Rock Corrals above the Creek

Barton Creek Square Shopping Center Mall

Barton Creek Watershed Basin. Developmental Areas. Pollution Sources.

Protection Plans

Barton Springs

Barton Springs: "Hill Country Oasis." Published by the Austin Parks and

Recreation Department. 1993. (book)

Bee Cave Road

Bee Cave Western Hill Country Historical Society Newsletters. Minutes of Meetings. Accounts of Early Days - "The Way It Was."

Bell: Old Rock Church Bell. (See in VF Churches: Eanes Area - Presbyterian Church - Bell)

Book Collections in the Eanes History Center.

General Book Collection

Display Book Collection

Classroom Book Collection (1880s - 1960s)

Textbook Collection (1880s - 1960s)

List and locations of Collections

EHC Vertical File 8

Book Proof Collection for Eanes, Portrait of a Community by Linda Vance. 1986. List of Contents of Collection

Book Research Collection for Texas Women in Their Own Time by Dee Seligman. 1989. List of Contents of the Collection

Books About Eanes Community and School:

Eanes, Portrait of a Community

Eanes, History of the School and Community

Reflections of a Proud Heritage

Books: Memorial and Gift Books of the Eanes History Center Archival Library. List of Books

Bottle Collecting: Antique Bottles. "Old Bottles Tell of History."

Brands of Cattle

Calendars: Community Calendars for Eanes Area, 1991 to Present

Calendars of the 1950s to the Present

Calendars: Pictures of Eanes History Center Artifacts. Sponsored and

Published by the Westwood Shopping Center. 1991-1992.

Capital Area Planning Commission

Capitol Building

Card Catalog for the Eanes History Center Library: Collection of Cards for all materials entered in the EHC Library. Filed by author, title, and subject. Shelf Cards are filed by author for books, titles for all other materials in the Vertical File, Picture File, Pamphlet File, Special File, and Curriculum File

Cards and Photographs: Antique Calling Cards, Greeting Cards, Turn of the

Century Portrait Post Cards

EHC Vertical File 9

Catalogs: Sears Catalog - "One Hundred Years"; "Montgomery Ward

Catalog History." Newspaper articles

Cattle Drives

Caves: "Bandit Cave", Rollingwood

Caves: Central Texas

Caves: Eanes Area

Cedar Choppers (See in VF Pioneer Life: Cedar Choppers and Charcoal Burners of West Travis County)

Cedar Creek: "Hill Country Chronicles" - Stories from Interviews Compiled by Fifth Grade Classes, 1985


Cemeteries: Austin Area and Travis County

Cemeteries: Central Texas Area

Cemeteries: Eanes Area

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Eanes Cemetery on Old Eanes School Road

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Eanes/Marshall Family Cemetery. Located off Loop 360 South

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Jackson Cemetery. Located in the Las Lomas Area. Application for Marker. History of Cemetery. Maps. Study of Area

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Roberts Cemetery. Located in Barton Creek West Development on Creek's Edge Parkway and Cliff's Edge Drive. Plat and Map. 1993

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Tarlton/Young Cemetery. Located on Loop 360 South (east side) between Walsh Tarlton Lane and Stoneridge Road

Cemeteries: Eanes Area - Tucker Cemetery. Located in 4000 block of Stoneridge Road

EHC Vertical File 10

Cemeteries of Texas: Researching and Preservation Cemeteries of Texas: State Cemetery in Austin. (See in VF Texas: Cemetery - Texas State Cemetery)

Cemeteries: West Travis County. List of Cemeteries. Maps. Includes excerpts from the "Cemeteries of West Travis County" by Ruth Haak and "Cemeteries of the Western Hill Country of West Travis Country" by Elaine and Jimmy Perkins

Charcoal and Charcoal Burners by Fritz Toepperwein (photocopy)

Charcoal Production

Christmas Cards: Antique Pictures and Designs

Christmas Traditions and Observances

Christmas Traditions and Celebrations in Austin

Churches: Central Texas. Information. History

Churches: Eanes Area - Bell for Old Rock Chapel. History of Bell. Dedication at New Site at the Westlake Presbyterian Church

Churches: Eanes Area - Deeds for Sale of Old Rock Chapel to Eanes Public School. 1956

Churches: Eanes Area - History of Local Eanes Churches. Organization and Information

Churches: Eanes Area - History of Old Rock Commnity Church

Churches: Eanes Area - Presbyterian Church History. Records

Churches: Eanes Area - St. Michaels Episcopal Church

Citizenship: Voting. Texas Elections

Classroom Book Collection in the Eanes History Center Library. 1880s-1960s. List of Books in the Classroom Collection

EHC Vertical File 11

Classroom Libraries of Rural Schools. Book Series. Books in the EHC Library that are typical of Books in Classroom Collections in Early Day Rural Schools. 1880s- 1960s

Clothing : Paper Dolls, Antique

Clothing Production and Style. Today and in the Future

Clothing: Styles - Colonial Period - Military. Outline Drawings

Clothing: Styles - Colonial Period. Outline Drawings and Pictures

Clothing: Styles - Costumes, Dress

Clothing: Styles - Early 1900s

Clothing: Styles - Nineteenth Century

Clothing: Styles -1920s - 1930s

Clothing: Styles - 1940s - 1960s

Clothing: Texas First Ladies Historical Costumes Collection by Newcomer.

Collecting Artifacts and Toys of Early Days

Collections and Files in the Eanes History Center Library. List of all Collections

Colorado Lake Chatauqua Association. 1883-1884. Prospectus (photocopy)

Colorado River: Conditions and Uses

Colorado River: Dams and Lakes on the Colorado. Highland Lakes Chain. Information. Dates. Maps

Colorado River: History. Crossings, Settlements, Bends, and Bays on the River

Colorado River: History. "Riding on the Ben Hur."

Colorado River: Trip by Canoe Down the Length of the Colorado River. 1991

EHC Vertical File 12

Cotton Gins in Early Days of Texas

Cotton: Growing Cotton in Texas

Crafts: "Old Fashion Crafts Made Today"

Creeks: Austin Area

Creeks: Central Texas

Creeks: Eanes Area

Creeks: Eanes area - Smith (Dry, Eanes) Creek

Creeks: Eantes Area - "Smith Creek Mystery - Old Grave Beside Creek"

Creeks: Watersheds, Aquifers, Rivers of Central Texas

Creeks: Watersheds - Flood - December, 1991

Creeks: Watersheds. Flood, May, 1981. "Memorial Day Flood"

Culture: Cultural Practices of Today. Values

Culture: Symbols. Fold Symbols. Contemporary Symbols and Logos

Culture: Women in Today's Society

Curriculum File Collection: Eanes History Center Second and Third Grade Program Guides and Materials. List and Location of Materials. Includes Curriculum

Related Items in Folders in the Vertical File

Curriculum Guides. EISD. K-2, Grade 2, Grade 3.

Davenport Ranch Area. Development. Neighborhoods

Decades of the 20th Century. (See VF Texas History. Each decade named)

Depression Era: Living in the 1930s. Working in the C.C.C and W.P.A.

Depwe Collection: Bicentennial, 1976; Sesquicentennial, 1986. Plans and Celebrations. List of Folders

EHC Vertical File 13

Depwe File: Eanes Area History Materials. List of Folders in Depwe File

Depwe Research File: Eanes Area History Research Materials by Dorothy Depwe and Linda Vance. List of Folders in Depwe Research File

Directories: EISD School Directories. 1971 to Present

Directories: Telephone. Greater Austin; Rural Travis Country and Surrounding Area; Rollingwood and West Lake Hills; Southwest Suburban. List of Directories. (See Pamphlet File: Directories for Dates.)

Display Book Collection: Books on Display in Eanes History Center. Part of General

Book Collection. List of Books on Display

Display Picture Collection: Pictures, Maps, Certificates, and Documents on Display in Eanes History Center. Part of Picture File Collection. List of Items on Display

Doris Gates Vertical File Collection. (See VF Gates Vertical File Collection.)

Eanes Area

Eanes Area Athletic Events. Activities

Eanes Area Business: County Line Restaurant. History of Site

Eanes Area Businesses

Eanes Area Bus System. Capitol Metro System

Eanes Area Caves

Eanes Are Celebrations

Eanes Area Cemeteries

Eanes Area Churches

EHC Vertical File 14

Eanes Area Community Calendar

Eanes Area Electrical Services. Present Day

Eanes Area Emergency Services

Eanes Area Environment: Report by Paula and Rebecca Mintz, "Some Plant and Animal Species Found in the Eanes Area"

Eanes Area: Geography/Geology

Eanes Area Growth and Development

Eanes Area: Highways. Loop 360 South Capital of Texas Highway." Bridge over the Colorado

Eanes Area: Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges

Eanes Area: Highways, Roads. Camp Craft Road

Eanes Area History

Eanes Area History: "A Once and Future Road." By Frances Ledbetter from Range Across Texas edited by Frances Ledbetter

Eanes Area History: Barton Springs and Bee Cave Road Area" by Ernest J. Rissmann

Eanes Area History: "Black Community in Eanes." Written by Linda Vance Picayune, April 8, 1992. Excerpt from Eanes, Portrait of a Community

Eanes Area History: Bootleggers and Corn Whiskey Stills of Early Days in the Eanes Area

Eanes Area History: "City of West Lake Hills." By Barbara Langham

Eanes Area History: Community and School History. Articles and Photographs Published in the Picayune Distinct Issues, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. Written by EHC Board Members

EHC Vertical File 15

Eanes Area History: Dates of Events in Eanes Area History

Eanes Area History: "Eanes History Short Notes" from Eanes, Portrait of a Community. Compiled by Linda Vance

Eanes Area History: "Eanes, The Musical" written by Regena Rangle. Presented by the Valley View School fourth Grade. Spring, 1994

Eanes Area History: "Early Days in the Eanes Area" by Della Edwards Graham

Eanes Area History: Electrical and Telephone Service. Brought to the Eanes Area, 1930s; Bee Caves Area, 1910-1913. History and Development of Services

Eanes Area History: "Focus on Westbank - a 120th Birthday Salute to EISD and Westlake Area Business." Picayune, March 4, 1992

Eanes Area History: "Happy Birthday - Texas Sesquicentennial." Picayune, Special Issue. April 2, 1986

Eanes Area History: "Hill Country Cedar Choppers" by Barbara Langham

Eanes Area History: "Just a Community" by Dorothy Sinz

Eanes Area History: Mysteries.

Eanes Area History: Photographs. Copies of Photographs of Eanes Area History of People and Events

Eanes Area History: Place Names

Eanes Area History: "The Way It Was" by Betty Gray - Column in the Picayune, 1991, 1992

Eanes Area History: "Westlake Hills History Project." Written by Cecil M. Johnson. April 15, 1975

Eanes Area History: "Westlake Hills - The Place Where We Live" by Dorothy Sinz. 1978

Eanes Area Homes

EHC Vertical File 16

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association(s). Activities. Events

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: C-Bar Property Owner Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Davenport Neighborhood Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Estates of Barton Creek Property Owners Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Lake Austin Hill Country Neighborhood Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Lake Hills Community Association - Lake Austin Estates Neighborhood Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Lost Creek Area Neighborhood Association. Directories, 1982-1993

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Rob Roy Neighborhood Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Rolling Hills West Home Guardian's Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Rollingwood

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Walsh Tarlton

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: West Woods Home Owners Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood Association: Woods of West Lake Neighborhood Association

Eanes Area Neighborhood: River Hills Area. Fire Department

Eanes Area Organizations

Eanes Area: Population Growth

Eanes area: Post Office. Westlake Station

Eanes Area: Ranches and Farm Homesteads. History. List of Early Day Ranches. Map

EHC Vertical File 17

Eanes Area: Ranches - Map. Hand-drawn Map Showing Location of Early Day Ranches. Made by Geralyn Vine for Third Grade Class Handouts

Eanes Area Schools

Eanes Area Schools: Early Day Schools. List of Schools

Eanes Area Scouts: Boy Scouts

Eanes Area Scouts: Girl Scouts

Eanes Area Sesquicentennial Celebrations: Plans, Activities, Events. 1986

Eanes Area Surveys of Land Grants. Deeds of Land Grants and Land Purchases. (photocopies)

Eanes Area Telephone Service. Present day

Eanes Area Voting Precincts: Voting, Elections

Eanes Business and Professional Association: History, Meetings

Eanes Civic Associations

Eanes Community Calendar

Eanes Education Foundation

Eanes Elementary County School 1872-1960s

Eanes Elementary School in the 1960s

Eanes Family History: Eanes-Marshall Family History

Eanes Family History: Eanes-Marshall house. Project to move house to the lower Campus of the Eanes Elementary School. 1999

Eanes History

EHC Vertical File 18

Eanes History: Books. Eanes, History of the School and Community. Researched/ Compiled by Dorothy Depwe

Eanes History: Bokks. Eanes, Portrait of a Community by Linda Vance. Excerpts

published in the Westbank Picayune. 1993

Eanes History: Books. Eanes, Portrait of a Community. Index by Linda Vance

Eanes History: Books. Eanes, Portrait of a Community by Linda Vance. Information

Eanes History: Books. Eanes, Portrait of a Community. Review by Mike Cox in Austin American Statesman

Eanes History: Books. Reflections of a Proud Heritage by Dorothy Depwe

Eanes History Center

Eanes History Center: Archival File Collection. List of Entries in the Archival File

Eanes History Center: Archival Library Collections. List of Collections in Library. Organization and Policies of the Library. Reports and Newspaper Articles about the EHC Library

Eanes History Center: Archival Library Donor List

Eanes History Center: Articles and Photographs of the History of Eanes School and Community. Researched and written by EHC Board Members from Materials in the EHC Archival Library and from Interviews with Local Residents. Appearing Monthly in the Picayune Distinct Section, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Eanes History Center: Artifacts Collection in the Eanes History Center. Photographs and List of Items in the Collection. Record of Acquisitions

Eanes History Center:Authorization for EHC to be Part of EISD Curriculum and Community Education

Eanes History Center: Awards, Certificates, Forms for Eanes History Center Contests in Schools

EHC Vertical File 19

Eanes History Center: "Book of Opportunities" produced by the Eanes History Center.

List of Volunteer Opportunities for Students to Participate in Activities of the Center. 1997

Eanes History Center: Book Plates for Books Given by Emmett Shelton to the EHC Library

Eanes History Center: Book Proofs Collection for Eanes, Portrait of a Community

Eanes History Center: Book Research Collection. Texas Women in Their Own Time by Dee Seligman. 1989

Eanes History Center: Boy Scout Eagle Project - "Defining and Extending Trail Around Old Farm Wagon Barn and Sign Marking Trail," by David Barr. Photgraphs made during work. October 10 and 11, 1998.

Eanes History Center: Boy Scout Eagle Project - "Eanes Flora" by Brian Scofield, 1994. Identification of Plants on Eanes Elementary School Campus. (booklet)

Eanes History Center: Boy Scout Eagle Project - "Fence Rebuilding for Cemetery" by Chase Keller. Project Description - Rebuilding Front Fence of the Cemetery on Eanes School Road. Photographs made during work. Fall, 1998.

Eanes History Center: Boy Scout Eagle Project. "Rebuilding and Extending Trail through the Cemetery on the Eanes School Road and Rebuilding Fence along Side Road" by Brocket Hudson. Photographs made during work. August 9, 1998.

Eanes History Center: Boy Scout Eagle Project. "Rock Work and Planting Along Slope on South Side of Wagon Barn to Prevent Erosion and Improve Appearance of Area." Project by Ben Carson. Photographs of Work. Spring, 1999.

Eanes History Center: Boy Scout Eagle Project - "Smith (Dry) Creek." Trail Built along Creek. Project and Report by Michael Perkins. Photographs of Before and After. Spring, 1988

EHC Vertical File 20

Eanes History Center: Boy Scout Eagle Project Suggestions for Eanes History Center.

"List of Suggested Projects for Eagle Scouts." May, 1998

Eanes History Center: Calendar - Pictures of EHC Artifacts. Sponsored by West Woods Shopping Center. 1991-1992

Eanes History Center: Carnival Plans and Projects for EHC Participation in Elementary School Carnivals

Eanes History Center: Cates File Collection. List of Contents.

Eanes History Center: Celebration. "120 Years - Eanes-credible Jubilee." March, 1992

Eanes History Center: Celebration - Old Rock Schoolhouse. Invitation. 1987

Eanes History Center: "Community Connections - A Guide to Volunteer Opportunities for Students in Action." The Westlake High School Volunteer Service Organization. Volume 1, August, 1997 (photocopy)

Eanes History Center: Commiunity Service in EHC for Westlake High School Students

Eanes History Center: Community Surveys

Eanes History Center: Contest. "A Guide for Writing History Projects." Texas History Day Student Contest Guide. 1993

Eanes History Center: Contest. A Guide for Writing. Insight, Vol 7, Special Issue, 1994. Texas State Historical Association

EHC Vertical File 21

Eanes History Center: Contest. A Guide for Writing. "The 1998 Junior Historian Writing Contest." Texas Historian Magazine, September, 1997

Eanes History Center: contest. Awards, Certificates, Ribbons, and Forms to Use in EHC Contests

Eanes History Center: Contest Award Endowment. Eanes History Center Source of

Contest Awards from Dedication of Book Royalty from Sale of Book - Eanes, Portrait of a Community

Eanes History Center: Contest. Awards, Rules, and Topics for Eanes History Center Contests. 1976, 1989 to Present

Eanes History Center: Contest. Bicentennial Contest. 1976. Entries. List of Entries

"Eanes-Marshall Family" written by Jim Robinson and Marshall Kuykendall.

Includes description of Eanes-Marshall Family Cemetery. 9th Grade, WHS

"Historical Review of the Dellana Heritage." Written by Laura Castro. WHS

"Historical Sketch of Eanes School and the Surrounding Area." Written by Christy Walker, Gigi Barnhart, Paul Hunstberger. 10th Grade, WHS

"History - Eanes Area" by Gretchen German. 9th Grade, WHS

"Logo for EISD" by Katie Bishop. 10th Grade, WHS

"Old School Days" written by Cecil Johnson, Jr. 12th Grade, WHS

"The Carlsons" written by Susan Swenson. 9th Grade, WHS

"Time Line of Eanes, Texas" written by Wes Wagner and Worth Coggins. 9th Grade, WHS

"Westlake Hills History Project" by Cecil Johnson Jr. 11th Grade, WHS (Written as a School Project, 1975)

EHC Vertical File 22

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1983. Entry. "Don't Drink the Water" by Karen Gibson

Eanes History Center: Contest(s). 1983, 1985, 1986. Rules and Information. Judges of the Contests. Sponsored by the Travis County Historical Society

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1984. Entries

"Eanes, History" by Tracy Waldrop

"Early Days of Eanes" by Briana Berezovytch

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1989. Entries. List of Entries

"Eanes Gazette" by Stacy Hicks and Missy Pyle. HCMS

"Eanes Historic Places." Tape and Slides (No. 109). By Jala Ali. Honorable Mention. 8th Grade. HCMS

"Eanes History." Tape and Slides (No. 110) by Frank Holmes and David Sassano. Honorable Mention

"Eanes History" by Hunter Mokry. HCMS

"For Sale - Shelton Property" by Natalie Shelton. Third Place. 6th Grade, HCMS

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1989. Rules for Contest

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1990. Rules for Contest

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1991. Entries List

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1991. Entires. List.

"A Pictorial Look at Eanes, Yesturday and Today" by Jamie Russell and Kristi Simko. 7th Grade, WRMS

"Cowboys in Central Texas" by Jennifer Sasson. 7th Grade, HCMS

"Central Texas in the Late 1800s" by Jennifer Sasson. 7th Grade, HCMS

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1991. Rules for Contest. Comments of Judges

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1992. Rules for Contest. Announcements of Contest for WRMS

EHC Vertical File 23

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1993. Entries. List of Entries

"Eanes" written by Kristy Sprowls. Fiction. 7th Grade WRMS

"Eanes" written by William Ogletree. 7th Grade. WRMS

"Eanes Schools" written by Ryan Anliker. 7th Grade. WRMS

"Eanes Schools" written by Charles Edmond and Kendall Funderburk. 7th Grade, WRMS

"Eanes: From Yesterday to Today." Poem written by Lori Pickle and Kelly Rose. 7th Grade, WRMS

"Early Entertainment." Written by Emily Rolling. 7th Grade, WRMS

"Now and Then" written by Ashley Pigg. Poem. 7th Grade, WRMS

"Photographs of Old Buildings." Poster and Essay by Robrt Crawford, Scott Mitchell, Matt Spandum, Ben Stewart. 8th Grade, WRMS

"Toys in Eanes History." Written by Adam Akin. 7th Grade, WRMS

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1993 Letter to Teachers. Topics. Information. Rules

Eanes History Center: Contest. 1994, 1995. Correspondence. List of School Representatives. Information

Eanes History Center: Contests. "Information for Conducting Contests." Discusses Rules, Topics, Ideas, Awards. Junior Historians Contest Information

Eanes History Center: Contests. Resources for Research of Local History

Eanes History Center: Correspondence. Letters of Appreciation to Eanes History Center

Eanes History Center Curriculum Collection. Second and Third Grade Program Materials, Guides, Information, Lists

Eanes History Center: Curriculum. Representatives from School Booster Clubs to the Eanes History Center. Duties of Representatives

EHC Vertical File 24

Eanes History Center: Curriculum Requirements by TEA for Third Grade Study of Community

Eanes History Center: Curriculum. Second Grade Story Telling Program. Story - "Robert Eanes Comes to Texas." Notes and Story for Pilot Program developed by Sarah Crossland and Dorothy Depwe. 1991

Eanes History Center: Curriculum. Second Grade Story Telling Program. List of Materials and Pictures in Classroom Basket

Eanes History Center: Curriculum. Third Grade Docent's Guide. From the Third Grade Manual, Walking Back in Time

Eanes History Center: "Eanes-credible Jubilee." February 12, 1992. Projects, Demonstrations, and Exhibits with West Wood Shopping Center. Time Capsule Plans

Eanes History Center: Eanes Education Foundation Proposal. "A Room with a View of Our Past." Written as a University of Texas Business Class Project. 1992

Eanes History Center: "Eanes, the Musical" written by Regina Rangle. Presented by Fourth Grade Classes of Valley View School, 1994

Eanes History Center: Flag - Texas Flag Given to the Eanes History Center by Clint Hackney after it had flown over the State Capitol, November 11, 1987. Framed Citation in on wall in the Artifacts areal. The Flag is in the Library Area. 1987

Eanes History Century: Flyer Handouts. Information about Eanes History Center

Eanes History Center: Founding - Articles and Pictures in the Picayune and Austin American Statesman 1986, 1987

Eanes History Center: Founding. History of Eanes History Center (Summary). Poster

EHC Vertical File 25

Eanes History Center: Friends of Eanes History Center. Information

Eanes History Center: Grant from the Austin Community Foundation. 1991

Eanes History Center: Grants. Tocker Foundation Grants, 1997, 1998. Presented by Ethel and Mel Kunze

Eanes History Center: Guidelines for Use of the Eanes History Center

Eanes History Center: Letters. Thank-You Letters from Third Grade Classes Following Visits to Eanes History Center. 1988 to the Present

Eanes History Center: Letters to School Faculties. Westlake High School - "Attention Teachers - Eanes History Center as Research Source." Fall, 1996. Written by Susanna Cantu

Eanes History Center Library Lists: The lists on pages 25 (last half of page), 26, 27, 28, and 29 (top half of page) are in the Vertical File Locator Notebook.

EHC Vertical File 29

Eanes History Center: Logos, Drawings - "Old Rock Schoolhouse"; "School Desk"

Eanes History Center: Marshall House. Project to Move the Eanes-Marshall House to the Eanes Elementary School Campus. Begun in the Spring of 1999

Eanes History Center: Meetings of Community Groups in the Eanes History Center

Eanes History Center: Naming of the new Elementary School in Davenport Ranch Development for Dorothy Depwe. Eanes History Center Board Recommendation. June, 1995

Eanes History Center: Old Rock Schoolhouse former Students' Contributions of Information. Open House, 1987. Reunion of former Students and Teachers. Friends Organization Proposed

Eanes History Center: Open House, March, 1988. "Dedication of Markers" and "Programs and Plans for EHC." November, 1988

Eanes History Center: Open House. Time Line Dedication." May, 1989

EHC Vertical File 30

Eanes History Center: Open Houses. May, 1990. May, 1991. March, 1992. May, 1993. January, 1995

Eanes History Center: Photographs. Copies of Photographs of Eanes Area History - People and Events

Eanes History Center: "Photographs to Identify" from the EHC Photograph Collection. School and Community History Articles and Pictures published in the Westbank Picayune Distinct Section. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. Written by EHC Board Members.

Eanes History Center: Plants. "Eanes Exquisite Edible Environment." Compiled by Dorothy Depwe and Linda Vance. (booklet)

Eanes History Center: Plants. Garden of Native and Old Fashion Plants in the flower beds of EHC in front of the Old Rock Schoolhouse. Information about the plants. List and key of plants in the beds.

Eanes History Center: Policies for Use of the Eanes History Center Archival Library Materials and of the Artifacts

Eanes History Center: Quilts. Painted Quilts. Large Two-Part Quilt - Westlake High School Art Departament, 1986. Small Quilt with blocks - Fifth Grade Class, Forest Trail School. 1987

Eanes History Center: Resolutions and Recognitions of Eanes Independent School District. (photocopies)

Eanes History Center: Second Grade Program

Eanes History Center: Seligman Book Research Collection. Texas Women in Their Own Time by Dee Seligman

Eanes History Center: Sesquicentennial Observances. 1986

EHC Vertical File 31

Eanes History Center: Signs for Streets to Indicate Location of EHC in the Old Rock Schoolhouse Building on the Eanes Elementary School Campus. Plans. Spring, 1998

Eanes History Center: Slides. List of Slides in the Eanes History Center Library. List of Slides from Walking Back in Time.

Eanes History Center: "Spirit of Austin." Program of Austin's History.

Use of EHC research materials. 1996

Eanes History Center; Stories and Activities for Classes

Eanes History Center: Third Grade Program. "A Visit to the Eanes History Center."

Picayune, November 28, 1990. "Eanes Steps Back in History." Picayune, May 2, 1987

Eanes History Center: Third Grade Program. Establishment and Development

Eanes History Center: Third Grade Program. Focus, Purpose, Resources. Materials used in Program

Eanes History Center: Time Capsule. 1992. Plans. Correspondence

Eanes History Center: Time Capsule. Dedication. List of Contents of Capsule. April, 1993. Pictures of Items in Capsule

Eanes History Center: Time Capsule. 1992. West Ridge Middle School Students. "Essays for the Year 2112."

Eanes History Center: Time Line Display Panels. Dedication and Open House. 1989

Eanes History Center: Time Line Display Panels. "Texas, Eanes, Everyday. 1836-1900; 1900-1940; 1940-1970." Plans. Copy of Texts and Captions Used. 1987

Eanes History Center: Time Line for Eanes Schools and Community from Walking Back in Time

EHC Vertical File 32

Eanes History Center: Trunks. Bicentennial Wooden Trunks for wooden Toys and Artifacts for the EHC Curriculum Program. 1986. List of contents of Trunks. Information about history of the Trunks

Eanes History Center: "Trunks for Teaching History in the Classroom." Information

Eanes History Center: Volunteer Activities and Projects Performed by Friends and Students for the EHC. Suggested activities. Compiled by Susanna Cantu

Eanes History Center: Wagon Barn for the Eanes History Center Wagon. Plans, Information, Correspondence. Site Imporvement Letter, February 25, 1993

Eanes History Center: Walking Back in Time. Third Grade Curriculum Manual

Eanes History Center: Walking Back in Time. Third Grade Program. Slides and Script Used in Presentation of Third Grade Program


VFLIST1.EHC Part 1 pages 1 - 32 Advertising through Eanes History Center

VFLIST2.EHC Part 2 pages 33 - 60 EISD through Pamphlet File

VFLIST3.EHC Part 3 pages 61 - 99 People through Zilker Park

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