Video Tape Collection

Collection of Video Tape Cassettes of Eanes area events and people.

Video Cassette List

Last Updated 1998

VF 1 Bicentennial Celebration - Westlake Band 9-20-85.

VC 2 An Introduction to the School Board, 1988. Scenes of Eanes History Center.

VC 3 Texas Sesquicentennial - Wagon Train. 1986.

VC 4 Mary Vance Show, Channel 24, 11:00 A.M., 3-l0-88.

VC 5 Eanes Dedication Ceremony - Dedication of Three Historical Markers.

VF 6 Eanes Dedication Ceremony - Dedication of Three Historical Markers, 3-10-88.

VC 7 Forest Trail Elementary Third Grade, Teacher - Amascota. Play. May, 1988.

VC 8 Hilton Pankratz Retirement, June 28, l988.

VC 9 Eanes History Center. Martha Bristol, March 9, 1987. Reunion of Former Students and Teachers.

VC 10 Eanes History Center. Made by Adam Seligman, March 9, 1987. Reunion of Former Students and Teachers

VC 11A "With An Eye on Eanes". Dedication of the Fine Arts Center. 3-14-86.

VC 11B With an Eye on Eanes. Robert Dyer School Project. "Texas in Space - Christi McAuliffe," "Dallas Falcon Crest".

VC 12 Texas Women: " Legends in Their Own Time ," Part 2: Ann Richards, P. Romberg, R. Seger.

VC 13 Community Day. Luncheon - Program: History of All Churches in Area. 2-28-86. Westlake Presbyterian Church.

VC 14 Third Grade "Walking Back in Time"/ Donna Ingram, Docent. 11-16-88. Made by Lee Maaz.

VC 15 San Antonio Historical Tour. 1991. Recorded by Emily Hamilton.

VC 16 "Eanes, The Musical." Performed by Valley View Fourth Grade. Written by Regena Rangle. Spring, 1994.

VC 17 "Our Children First." EISD Bond Issue. Spring, 1995. Sponsored by the Texas Association of School Boards.

VF 18 "Early Texas" made by Betty Ward for Elementary Schools. 1994.

VF 19 "Treaty Oak Remembered." Furnished with gift of Treaty Oak limb. 1994. City of Austin.